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2014 NCR Autocross Results

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2014   Results by ClassRaw Time ResultsPAX Results
Autocross #1 Photos Story   AM PM Complete Summary   AM PM Total   AM PM Total
Autocross #2 Photos Story   AM PM Complete Summary   AM PM Total   AM PM Total
Autocross #3 Photos Story   AM PM Complete Summary   AM PM Total   AM PM Total
Autocross #4 Photos Story   AM PM Complete Summary   AM PM Total   AM PM Total
Autocross #5 Photos Story   AM PM Complete Summary   AM PM Total   AM PM Total
Autocross #6 Photos Story   AM PM Complete Summary   AM PM Total   AM PM Total
2014 PCA Zone 1 Autocross Results
2014 Final Season Championship Standings
2013 Results

2019 NCR Autocross #6

Under Construction

2019 NCR Autocross #2

Our second autocross of 2019 took place on Sunday, May 19th  at Moore Airfield near Ayer, MA. We had 65 drivers and all kinds of weather.  It was cloudy and cool when we arrived at the site to set up.  The weather forecast said it wasn’t going to rain.  It did.  Late morning brought unexpected showers along with some unexpected winds. The wind blew the rain into the tent trying to get everything wet. We were squeegeeing water off the tables and trying to keep the equipment dry.  The rain tapered off into the afternoon when it finally cleared up and the sun peaked out. We did four runs in the morning on a great course designed by Chris Darminio.

We took a 45 minute lunch break giving both drivers and course time to dry.  The course was still a bit damp and cold but it dried out and warmed up during the first afternoon runs and the sun even came out in the early afternoon.  We did five afternoon runs and could have done more but the weather maps showed another storm that would come through around 5:00 so we cut our losses and finished before 4:00 PM. 

Other than Pandora’s box of weather and the finish sensors getting knocked over a couple times, the event ran very well.  Frank Bayliss took FTD (Fastest raw Time of the Day) while Chris Lindquist had the Fastest Porsche time.  Chris Hubert had the top PAX handicapped time of the day.  We had several new drivers from other clubs, both local and as far away as Maine, New York and Connecticut.  The feedback from these folks was overwhelmingly positive.

Our next event, NCR Autocross #3, is Saturday, June 15th


2013 NCR Autocross Results

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2013   Results by ClassRaw Time ResultsPAX Results
Autocross #1 Photos Story   AM PM Complete Summary   AM PM Total   AM PM Total
Autocross #2      Event Cancelled    
Autocross #3 Photos Story   AM PM Complete Summary   AM PM Total   AM PM Total
Autocross #4 Photos Story   AM PM Complete Summary   AM PM Total   AM PM Total
Autocross #5 Photos Story   AM PM Complete Summary   AM PM Total   AM PM Total
Autocross #6 Photos Story   AM PM Complete Summary   AM PM Total   AM PM Total
Autocross #7 Photos Story   AM PM Complete Summary   AM PM Total   AM PM Total
2013 Zone 1 Autocross Results
2013 Final Season Championship Standings

NCR Autocross Staff

Autocross Chair Joe Kraetsch
Assistant Chair Dan Quaroni
Administration Joe Kraetsch
Lisa Roche
Registrar Jeremy Mazzariello
Chief Instructor Dan Quaroni
Novice Captain Dan Quaroni
Sound Erick Aubin
Timing & Scoring Jeremy Mazzariello
Lisa Roche
Gareth Peters
Course Design Chris Darminio
Justin Chen
Rob MacAlpine
Waivers & Onsite Checkin
Lisa Burke
Erick Aubin
Grid Captain Read Fleming
Results Joe Kraetsch
Safety Rob MacAlpine
Classification &
Protest Committee
Joe Kraetsch
Jeremy Mazzariello
Dan Quaroni
Tech Inspection Georges Rouhart
Neil Halbert
Chris Lindquist
Bill Aubin

NCR PAX Information

What is PAX?

The PAX (Professional Auto-X) Index has been used by SCCA® and other clubs for years. It is a handicapping system that attempts to account for performance differences between car classes allowing the drivers' performances to be compared. A PAX factor, based on performance potential, is assigned to each base class. The fastest cars have a PAX factor of 1.000; other PAX factors are a percentage relative to the fastest cars. Each driver's actual time around the course is multiplied by their car's PAX factor to calculate their PAX time. This PAX time is also called their indexed time or factored time. PAX times can then be compared across classes.

It is impossible to come up with a PAX index that is perfect just as it is impossible to come up with a class system that is perfect. Everyone believes that someone else has a softer(i.e. easier) PAX factor.

What is an Indexed Class?

An indexed class is a class that combines several classes into one class and uses factored times to compare the results. We do not get enough entries to populate the individual classes so we need to combine multiple base classes to offer competetive classes. By forming indexed classes. the factored (aka indexed) times provide a more equitable comparison of the results than the raw times.

2023 NCR PAX Index

The NCR PAX Index is based on the PAX/RTP Index developed by Rick Ruth that is based on hundreds of autocross events nationwide. The NCR Porsche Street Category is separated into base classes that map to SCCA® classes. The PAX factors for the corresponding SCCA® classes are used for the NCR base classes. The exception is Street Class 6 which contains street Porsches that are excluded from the SCCA® Street Category.  For class 6 we use a PAX factor between the SCCA® Super Street (SS) and SCCA® Super Street Prepared class (SSP) classes.

NCR ClassSCCA ClassPAX Factor
1 ES 0.792
2 CS 0.810
3 BS 0.818
4 AS 0.821
5 SS 0.830
6 SST 0.841

For the NCR Porsche Race Category and for all non-Porsche classes, we use SCCA® classes as base classes so we use the SCCA PAX for the base class.

Online Driver Meeting

Arriving at the Site, Check-in & Waiver

  • You should arrive between 7:00 and 7:45AM
  • Do not arrive before 7:00 unless you are on the setup crew
  • Drive courteously and obey the local traffic laws and please report anyone not doing so
  • Local police know we are here and often use radar before and after our events
  • Everyone MUST Stop at the "gate" at the top of the hill (where the chain-link fence ends). Here you will:
    • Sign the Waiver -- this includes participants, guests, spectators, etc.
    • A PCA Minor waiver, signed by parent(s) is required for anyone under age 18
    • Check-in with on-site registrar(s)
    • All particpants must show their driver license and tell the gate workers their name, class and car number
    • If you have any changes or owe money, you will have to come to the timing tent from 7:30-8:00 to make those payments and changes.
  • Everyone will get a wrist band after signing the waiver
    • One color for novice and intermediate drivers
    • One color for qualified instructors
    • One color for guests
    • Nobody enters the site without a wristband!
  • Once you are checked in:
    • Park in the paddock
    • Prepare your car by removing all loose items, including floor mats, and affixing the number you were assigned.
    • Then put your car in the tech line with hood and trunk open.
    • Bring your helmet(s) to the tech line.
  • At 8:15 sharp, be at the Mandatory Driver Meeting near the timing tent
  • The course will be open for walking after the Driver Meeting
  • Autocross is an all day rain or shine event
    • plan to stay until 5:00 if necessary
    • pay attention to the forecast and plan accordingly


General Rules and Guidelines

  • No drugs or alcohol allowed on site at any time
  • Speed limit 5MPH at all times in pit area
  • Children must be supervised at all times and are NOT allowed in the hot grid
  • Pets must be supervised/leashed at all times
    • Pets are NOT allowed in the hot grid
  • NO SMOKING smoking in the grid
  • No skates, Heelys, scooters, bikes etc allowed
  • Stay away from timing tent
    • If you need help please see event chair or an instructor, they will be glad to help you
  • Pick up any trash- Leave the site cleaner than when we arrived
    • Use the Dumpster
    • Devens will fine us if trash is left on site
  • Support the local merchants
    • Tell them you are there for an autocross event at Moore Airfield
    • DO NOT park in front of the Cottage restaurant in town.
      • The owner is very particular about saving those parking spots for his customers
  • Stay away from the police cars
  • Drink plenty of water
    • It is easy to get dehydrated--even on a cool cloudy day
  • Anyone taking photos MUST use a spotter. They are your eyes and ears for safety.
  • Everyone must work
    • You must work both morning and afternoon sessions.
    • If you need to leave early please see event chairperson prior to leaving
  • Attendance at the Driver Meeting is mandatory
  • Results are announced live and broadcast on 89.5 FM



  • Grid workers will help drivers get lined up in grid
  • We grid 2 cars deep
  • Dual drivers go to front of grid
  • Grid workers will get dual drivers on course to keep runs in synch with single drivers
  • If you have a rerun go to the rerun lane
    • Grid workers will get you out for rerun after a minimum of 5 cars have gone


Instructors and Passengers

  • We have assigned instructors for the event
    • First time autocrossers must use instructors until instructors feel driver is ready to drive alone
    • If you want an instructor put you flashers on and an instructor will hop in the car with you
  • Passenger rules (Starter will be checking):
    • We encourage passenger rides for learning purposes
    • Only registered entrants are allowed in cars
    • Either driver or passenger MUST be an approved instructor
    • Approved instructors are identified by wrist band color
    • Passenger must be back in the grid in time for their next run (or lose the run)



  • Novices running in the novice class will run with their base class
    • For example- if running in a 2010 Boxster S with no mods you will run when base class 6 runs
  • If you win novice class you will no longer be eligible for novice class at future events
  • There is a Mandatory Novice Meeting and course walk lead by our novice Captain
    • Grid, course elements, penalties etc. will be covered


Corner Captains

  • A Captain is assigned to each corner
    • Captain is usually an experienced worker
    • Captain will have the radio and the red flag
    • Captain also shags cones
    • If you are assigned as captain and feel you can't do the job please let us know and we can make a change
  • Radio
    • You MUST call in ALL penalties and ALL re-runs
    • Keep transmission short… “Control this is corner 4, car 8-8-7, 2 cones”
    • Wait for acknowledgement from control
      • If you do not get an acknowledge from control check if they got the call
  • Red Flag
    • Keep the red flag in your hand at all times, never put it down
    • Keep the flag unfurled (NOT rolled up) and hidden from drivers
    • If red flag is needed waive it vigorously in a figure 8 pattern to get drivers attention
    • If you see something unsafe use the red flag
  • Spread the workers out
    • Workers standing in one place makes getting to downed cones difficult and causes unnecessary reruns


Working the Course

  • We allow cars to be driven to work stations
  • Park cars at least 100 feet from course
  • Do not park in line of sight of drivers
  • Park cars out of the spin zone
  • No sitting on course while course is hot
  • No cell phones, cameras, pagers, etc. use allowed on course at any time
  • Be ready to run in case of car spin or to reset cones


  • Watch behind the car as a lot of cones are hit with rear of car
  • Each cone tipped over or moved completely outside of the box is a penalty:
    • Cone Penalties
  • Cones before the start are subject to the same penalties
  • Any cone penalty after the finish lights is an automatic DNF
  • Pointer cones DO NOT COUNT as penalty but must be replaced
  • If a cone wiggles or is not centered in the box, reset it
  • Move quickly, fix the cone and get out of the way of the next driver
  • If not enough time, stay out of the way--your safety is more important
  • NEVER turn your back to an oncoming car!
  • Use the following hand signals to indicate penalty:
    • Hand Signals



  • Car numbers must be visible at all times
    • Large enough to be seen by workers on course
    • Numbers must be contrasting color to car
  • If you get in trouble, save the car not the run!
  • "If it starts to spin -- BOTH FEET IN"
  • Save the equipment
    • If you damage the equipment (Timing lights/transmitters etc) you will pay for repair or replacement
  • Devens has very strict sound requirements
    • If your car is over the limit you will be black flagged and given 1 opportunity to fix it
    • If you have a second violation you will be done for the day
  • Always drive through the finish lights, even if you are getting rerun, off course, etc.


  • If you are red flagged you will be given a rerun--unless you caused the red flag
  • If you see a cone down or in the wrong place STOP
    • Get corner worker attention to verify cone is out of place
    • If cone is verified to be out of place corner worker must call in rerun to control. If not called in no rerun will be given
  • Once moving again drive course quickly, no slow driving as other cars are coming behind you
  • Make sure to go through the finish lights
  • Return to grid and get into the rerun lane