On Saturday, April 27th, the NCR Autocross Season officially began. The weather was cool but at least it did not rain (except for a sprinkle during Jeremy’s last PM run).  The 20mph wind was a little chilling and somewhat annoying.  It picked up both our tents, weights and all, and damaged one of them.  It was especially difficult trying to print reports but we managed.

The autocross was a virtual car show demonstrating a variety of Porsche models—from a 914 to older 911s to 944s, 968 to Boxsters and Caymans to late model 911s, GT4s and GT3s, even a 904 replica.  We also saw a lot of nice non-Porsche models including Miata, Mustang, Camaro, Corvette. Focus, A4, M3, MR2, GTI, WRX, FR-S, BRZ, S2000, Civic, NSX, “Domestic Boxster” and a mean looking Shelby GT350. However, all these cars are not garage queens parked on a grassy golf course.  These are some beautiful automobiles and we get to see them in action, displaying agility, handling and performance.

A challenging course was designed and set by the trio of Justin Chen, Will Koscielny and Chris Darminio.  The course was easy to follow yet difficult to master—the definition of a great autocross course.  Nice work guys!

We had 75 drivers of all ages, from a 16 year old Junior Participant to senior citizens including many of the top drivers in the Northeast. We had a Porsche Junior Participation Program (JPP) entrant, Mason Rapke, who had a great time and left with an ear-to-ear grin.

In spite of the wind, we had a great event—no timing errors, only a few re-runs, four morning runs, a 45 minute lunch break, another 4 afternoon runs, we handed out the trophies and were out of there by 4:00 PM.

Our next event is Sunday, May 19th.  We hope to see you there.