We held our fourth autocross of the year on Saturday, August 3rd at Devens. Due to a couple competing events, we had only 64 drivers. We expected a hot day but a couple morning showers kept temperatures comfortable for the remainder of the day.

We have been planning to upgrade some of our wireless timing hardware but we found another new system that we could purchase for less than the cost of the planned upgrades. Several local clubs are already using this new system and our friends at Renegade Miata were generous enough to loan us their new hardware for the day to test it out. The system is plug and play with our current software so we gave it a try. The system worked beautifully; the only issue we had were a couple false finishes but they were not caused by the hardware.

Lisa and I still do not have a car ready to autocross but Erick Aubin and Jeff Johnson were kind enough to share their Caymans with us for the day. Thank you both so much!

On a great course designed by Rob MacAlpine, we did five morning runs and took a short lunch break but only did four afternoon runs so we could finish before the next storm threatened. Justin Chen took FTD while Grant Barron had the fastest Porsche. Lyle Zyra captured top PAX and Bill Aubin took top Porsche PAX.

We had fourteen Novices including one new Junior Participant Program member. Thanks to our great Novice program and Dan Q’s leadership as Novice Captain, I think they all left smiling!

Our next event is the PCA Zone 1 Autocross on September 14-15 which NCR will host again at Devens. Our final event will be our Loaves & Fishes Autocross fundraiser on September 28th.

BTW, I am looking for someone to help write up Autocross events. I am told that I am in a rut and that my articles are basically boring and uninformative. Perhaps I have become a formula writer. We could use a new perspective. If you like to write and could help out please contact me.