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2020 Events

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Dates                      Location             Host            

March 7(Sat)                    HMS Motorsports         NER

May 4&5(Mon & Tue)              Lime Rock Park          Cancelled

May 22,23,24(Fri,Sat,Sun)       Thompson                Cancelled

June 12,13,14(Fri,Sat,Sun)      Palmer                  NER

July 3,4,5(Fri,Sat,Sun)         Mont-Tremblant          NER/NNJR

July 18,19(Sat,Sun)             Club Motorsports        NCR Modified Solo Only Drivers

August 7,8,9(Fri,Sat,Sun)       Watkins Glen            NER

August 11,12,13(Tue,Wed,Thur)   Calabogie               NER

August 22&23 (Sat,Sun)          NHMS                    Cancelled

September 11,12,13(Fri,Sat,Sun) Club Motorsports        NCR

September 25,26,27(Fri,Sat,Sun) Palmer                  NER

NCR Drivers Education 2020 Season Update

This message from your track committee is an attempt to keep you all informed as best we can with the current status of our 2020 track season. We hope you are all healthy, staying safe and making the most being locked down and separated from your friends and extended family.

Our season opener at Lime Rock Park May 4th & 5th was cancelled a couple of weeks ago. The last communication we received from the track was that they will be closed at least until May 20th. We are very disappointed not to be hosting an event there this year, but the track has offered us the same calendar slot next year which we are pleased about.

The remainder of our events are still scheduled as of this writing and we will make every effort to hold them if we have enough participants to cover the cost of the venues. We encourage you to register for the events you feel you can attend as soon as possible which will allow us to determine the level of interest. This will enable us to determine if we can hold these events.

If the event(s) you sign up for are cancelled, you will receive a full refund. Because we use deferred payment option we do not charge your credit card until 45 days prior to the event. We plan to decide if we are going to hold the event 7 weeks prior to the event.

 This will be a trying season for us all and hopefully we will be able to enjoy this activity again soon.

Thank you for your support,

NCR’s Drivers Education Team

A COVID-19 update from NCR Drivers Education

You all have received emails this week about business and government mandated closings. Unfortunately this has affected our season opening event at Lime Rock Park. We have cancelled this event in light of current and projected conditions for the safety of our participants and volunteers.
The rest of our scheduled events will be dealt with as things continue to unfold. If you have paid for any of our Driver Education events and they get cancelled you will receive a full refund.

Stay safe!

DE Chair

NER 2020 Drivers Education Update

Hello Everyone,
Given these strange times I have been busy with things that I normally would not have expected to even need to think about. The season as a whole has been shaping up to be another great year. We were on target for our normal year opener, the Novice event at Thompson, followed by the wonderful events to be run at Palmer, The Glen with the Dinosaur BBQ and we even have some great plans for Calabogie. If you haven’t had a chance to read my write up in the NOR'EASTER ( - Please do!
Then came Covid;
I hope that everyone is comfortable, healthy, and at home - and that this Corona is not directly affecting any of you or your families. I must say, Xin and I are suffering from a bit of cabin fever and every time I cough, I think; this must be it!
I wanted to give you all an update on where we stand on the season; When everything hit a few weeks ago, everyone was getting a barrage of emails about Covid, and so we (and I) decided that we should just chill and let things come into focus a bit more. I wanted to understand how it would ultimately affect our upcoming DE season.
Now it's April and things are about as clear as mud. But one thing is clear - We all want to get back on track as soon as possible. As of right now, no NER DE events have been cancelled. And currently the state of Connecticut has its restrictions on gatherings only through April 30th. Thompson, as of now, expects that we will be allowed to have the event. That may change. I have been in regular contact with the tracks, and I am also keeping a very close eye on the many FAQ/announcement pages as published by the Governors of MA, CT, NY and even Quebec. My feeling is that we will eventually make it back on track, hopefully sooner, rather than later.
Whatever we do, we are going to do it with safety in mind. We are going to need to work social distancing into the equation.
Now - here is where I need your help. If you intend to come to our events this season, please sign up. Sign up early. Sign up now. I need to know who is willing to come out and play. Now, if government regulations keep us from having the events, you will get refunded. So really you have no risk by signing up. However, I need your support, so we can do our best to get us all on track this season.
We will share more, as more information becomes available.
Sound good?
Thank you for everyone’s support,
Adam Schwartz
Track Chair, NER