You all have received emails this week about business and government mandated closings. Unfortunately this has affected our season opening event at Lime Rock Park. We have cancelled this event in light of current and projected conditions for the safety of our participants and volunteers.
The rest of our scheduled events will be dealt with as things continue to unfold. If you have paid for any of our Driver Education events and they get cancelled you will receive a full refund.

Stay safe!

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2020 Events

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Dates                      Location             Host            

March 7(Sat)                    HMS Motorsports         NER

May 4&5(Mon & Tue)              Lime Rock Park          Cancelled

May 22,23,24(Fri,Sat,Sun)       Thompson                NER

June 12,13,14(Fri,Sat,Sun)      Palmer                  NER

July 3,4,5(Fri,Sat,Sun)         Mont-Tremblant          NER/NNJR

July 17,18,19(Fri,Sat,Sun)      Club Motorsports        NCR

August 7,8,9(Fri,Sat,Sun)       Watkins Glen            NER

August 11,12,13(Tue,Wed,Thur)   Calabogie               NER

August 22&23 (Sat,Sun)          NHMS                    NCR

September 11,12,13(Fri,Sat,Sun) Club Motorsports        NCR

September 25,26,27(Fri,Sat,Sun) Palmer                  NER

NCR Drivers Education Mandatory HANS Device Statement

The PCA National Drivers Education Committee has updated the Driver Education Minimum Standards.

All DE participants must review this update as it may affect your car and equipment preparation for the upcoming DE season.

The section of the Driver Education Minimum Standards document to take particular attention to is the use of a Head and Neck restraint system commonly known as a HANS device, is now mandatory for both student and instructor when a five, six or seven-point harness are being used. Exceptions and detail for some Four-point systems are also listed in the document.
"The participant should BE AWARE that the addition of such a seat and harness system results in the occupant being fastened upright in the vehicle. Therefore, in order to have a COMPLETE SYSTEM, a properly padded roll bar or roll cage is recommended, and an approved head and neck restraint device is required. A head and neck restraint device certified as meeting the standards of either SFI 38.1 or FIA 8858 or its successor is required.  The use of such a harness system without roll protection and a head and neck restraint device may result in an unsafe environment and is not a COMPLETE SYSTEM. Roll bars or cages and their installation must meet PCA Club Racing Standards.
When using a head and neck restraint device, it is recommended that one follow the SFI Recertification process for the head and neck restraint device. The instructions for this can be found on the device. Additionally, it is recommended that the straps be replaced every five years."

NCR Chief Instructor and DE Committee comments:

  • A Head and Neck restraint system commonly known as a HANS device, is now mandatory for both student and instructor when a five, six or seven-point harness is in use.
  • A suitable roll bar or roll cage is Strongly Recommended when race seats and harnesses are in use but is not mandatory.
    A suitable roll bar or roll cage along with a Race Seats and Harnesses provides the driver and instructor with a complete safety system.
  • It is recommended that sedans and coupes with racing seats and harnesses without a roll bar or roll cage have *functioning factory provided three-point seat belts in the car.
  • Sedans and coupes with racing seats, harnesses and *functioning three-point factory belts that do not have a roll bar or roll cage, are allowed to use factory *functioning belts with an instructor but both occupants must use the same restraint method.
  • Students and drivers that utilize racing seats and harnesses without suitable roll protection and do not have *functioning factory provided three-point seat belts in the car, will not be provided an instructor; this includes check-out rides.

* Functioning three-Point belt requires the same fitment as provided by the stock seat.

Drivers Education Prerequisites

1 A head and neck restraint system commonly known as a HANS device, is now mandatory for both students and instructors when a five, six or seven-point harness or certain approved 4 point harnesses are in use. All neck restraints must meet SFI 38.1 or FIA 8885 or its successor certifications. A suitable roll bar or roll cage is recommended when race seats, harnesses and neck restraints are in use. A suitable roll bar or roll cage along with race seats, harnesses and neck restraints provides students and instructors with a complete safety system.
2 Vehicles equipped with "AUTOMATIC EMERGENCY BRAKING or LANE KEEPING ASSISTANCE Systems" are not allowed into this event.
3 Participants must be at least 18 years of age, must have a valid driver’s license, and be a PCA member or affiliate. A current driver’s license and PCA membership card must be shown at registration.
4 Non-participants are not permitted in either student or instructor cars. Non-participants under the age of 18 are allowed only in spectator areas. Instructors riding in student cars and students riding in instructor cars for instructional purposes are permitted. No student may ride with another student.
5 Participants must wear rubber soled, natural uppers shoes, long pants, and a long sleeved shirt (natural, not synthetic fibers), or wear an approved fire resistant driving suit.
6 Drivers must have completed registration and be through the tech line prior to the driver’s and instructor’s meetings (approximately 8:15 am).
7 A Snell rated 2010 or newer helmet is required.  An SA rated helmet is preferred. M and K rated helmets are acceptable. Limited loaners may be available.
8 All participants must fill out the NCR tech form (at this link). It must completed and signed by one of the approved NCR tech inspectors (at this link) within two weeks of the event  The tech inspection is a free service to PCA members unless otherwise noted.
9 R-rated track tires are not allowed in green & yellow run groups unless OEM fit or the car is also driven in an advanced run group. Chief Instructor approval required.
10 All open top cars (including targas) must run with tops installed or up, unless arm restraints are used by each occupant. All sunroofs must be closed or entirely removed while on track (arm restraints required if sunroof is removed).
11 All open cars must have a roll bar installed, with the following exceptions: Targas, 914s, Boxsters and 996/997 cabriolets (except at Lime Rock) are acceptable as delivered from the factory & must run with the top up or have a hardtop installed.
12 Lime Rock Park will enforce rules which require all open cars to have a roll bar that is fixed and visible at all times (not pop up) plus allows the driver to pass the “broomstick rule” (top of helmet under a line drawn from the top of the windshield to the top of the bar).
13 Tracks will be enforcing sound limits at their tracks. You will be expelled from the event after your second offense during any given day.
14 Driver’s side windows must be fully down (rain or shine), passenger side optional (fully up or down). Window nets are not allowed.
15 Students should expect that their instructor will drive their car for several laps at each event.
16 All participants must obey all passing rules set forth in the driver’s meeting.
17 There is a mandatory Black Flag pit stop for all spins or 2 (or more) wheels-off. Two Black Flags for these or other driving infractions in a day are grounds for expulsion from the event.
18 No illegal drugs are allowed and no alcoholic beverages may be consumed by anyone (participant or guest) during the event.
19 Events in the rain and cold weather. No refunds for an event canceled after cars have been on the track, or for participants who do not come to the track when an event is not started. Partial refunds may be available to those who come to the track when an event is not started/canceled.

Updated January 31, 2019

HANS Device Required for multi-point harness

PCA Chief Driving Instructors and Region Officials,

The number one priority of PCA's HPDE Program is track safety. A core belief in the DE program is that a person can purchase a stock Porsche and take it to the track for an HPDE weekend, after an appropriate tech inspection of course. 

Some people choose to modify their cars to increase performance and others to increase safety. A popular modification made to track cars is the addition of a multi-point harness system. Starting January 1, 2019, the DE Minimum Standards will be expanded to state that if a driver uses a harness system, he or she will ALSO be required to utilize a head and neck restraint system, commonly referred to as a HANS device. 

A head and neck restraint device is an integral part of the harness system. Because the rule of equal restraint always applies, if a driver uses a harness system there must also be a harness system available and used by the passenger. Thus, both the driver and passenger will be required to use a HANS device. We highly encourage all DE participants to not wait until 2019 to comply with this new minimum standard. Head and neck restraint system devices are now more affordable and easily purchased online.

The DE Committee's decision was made over the course of two years after careful review of options, conversations with DE participants and discussion of a variety of perspectives. Please pass on this information to your DE drivers and instructors as soon as possible to avoid any confusion.

As a reminder, members of the DE Committee can be found here:

Thank you for all your time and effort to make your region’s DE program a safe and successful one. If you have feedback, please let me know!

Catch you in the Curves!

John Krecek
Great Plains Region – Porsche Club of America
Chief Driving Instructor
PCA National DE Committee Chair