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HPDE Ground School

Are you a new member of the Porsche Club? Or, perhaps, a long term member getting back into Porsche-related activities?911 992 Are you interested in expanding your Porsche experience into more exotic realms? Would you like to drive your Porsche ‘spiritedly’ without the risk of running afoul of the polizei?

If you’ve ever dreamed of driving your Porsche at speed, feeling exhilarated by its performance and learning to take full advantage of its capabilities, we invite you to get a head start on our 2023 track season by attending NER’s Driver Education Ground School on April 23rd at Palmer Motorsports Park. This is NER’s annual classroom-based introduction to our Driver Education program and again is being supported by HMS Motorsport of Danvers MA. HMS personnel will be presenting the safety & equipment portion of the class. Additional information about HMS and directions to their facility can be found at

Advanced registration for this highly-popular event is strongly suggested (and will save you money). Registration prior to the event is $30 per person and walk-in registrations the day of the event are $40 per person.

PS: Want to see what a PCA day at the track looks like?   Click here!

What is NCR DE?

“Be safe; have fun” is North Country Region’s Drivers Education motto.

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We provide a safe, structured, and controlled teaching and learning environment, so that you can improve your driving abilities and acquire a better understanding of vehicle dynamics and driving safety. You will enjoy first-hand, the capabilities of your Porsche in a controlled, closed-course environment. These on track sessions help you acquire skills that enhance safer vehicle operation in all driving situations.

Track sessions are provided at Lime Rock Park, Club Motorsports, and the road course at New Hampshire International Speedway during multiday events. A typical day consists of four on track sessions of approximately twenty-five minutes. Drivers are grouped using their experience and expertise into two instructed groups, two advanced groups and an instructors’ group. Novice drivers normally participate in several events in each of the two instructed run groups before they solo their vehicle during an event.

Read more: What is NCR DE?

NCR 2023 DE Schedule

Registration is open at

May 8&9(Mon,Tue)             Lime Rock ParkRegister.png

July 20-22(Thu,Fri,Sat)      Club MotorsportsRegister.pngSeptember 7-9(Thu,Fri,Sat)   Club Motorsports


 October 21&22(Sat,Sun)       NHMS 



To read more about our Drivers Education program visit What is NCR DE?

PCA Drivers Education Minimum Standards

pca logo closedcmyk v07The HPDE minimum standards have been revised.

You can view the document at this link.

NCR & NER DE 2023 Events

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Dates                           Location                Host            

April 23(Sun)                   Palmer                  NER

May 8&9(Mon,Tue)                Lime Rock Park          NCR

May 26-28(Fri,Sat,Sun)          Thompson                NER

June 9-11(Fri,Sat,Sun)          Palmer                  NER

July 5-7(Wed,Thu,Fri)           Calabogie               NER

July 20-22(Thu,Fri,Sat)         Club Motorsports        NCR 

August 11-13(Fri,Sat,Sun)       Watkins Glen            NER

September 7-9(Thu,Fri,Sat)      Club Motorsports        NCR

September 22-24(Fri,Sat,Sun)    Palmer                  NER

October 21&22(Sat,Sun)          NHMS                    NCR