Laura Tambaschio went to Lime Rock Park with her husband, Larry. She had been to the track before, tagging along while he drove his Mini Cooper, and later his Porsche, maybe staying for an hour or so. As a relatively uninterested outside observer, for the most part, once you’ve seen one car zoom around the track you’ve seen them all. Right? This time was different. She stayed for 2 days and drove their 2014 Porsche Cayman S.

Laura signed up as a Green 1st timer, which has sentimental significance for those of us who have done DEs for years. This is one of those experiences that you will never forget. The first day on the track is always such a challenge: so much to learn, nervous anticipation of the unknown, sensory overload…. IT’S SO EXCITING!!!! Laura managed well with her trusty instructor, Kristin Larson, by her side every step (turn) of the way. On Monday the weather was not ideal and Laura was very cautious. She admits she was not the fastest car in her run group, but that is to be expected when you start out, and learning to give point-bys is an important skill. The weather was cooperative on Day 2.

Laura was more comfortable and felt good about the improvements in her driving. She still gave point-bys, but felt her speed pick up and gained more confidence in her abilities. Although Laura had learned to drive a stick shift early in life, she observed that this was very different from street driving and she had to set aside old habits. In DE, braking technique is “hard” on the brakes, ease off and immediately get back on the throttle. No coasting! (Easier said than done). She said that she liked the 2 day — 4 runs per day format as the more time in the seat, the more improvement. Laura said that she and Larry are looking towards retirement in the near future and are considering ways they can spend time together. After watching Larry having so much fun at the track, she told herself she might as well try it too. She’s glad she did. She enjoyed the event and will most likely sign up again. Her advice is “Give it a try!” Larry is very proud of her and glad that they could share the fun. Being one of the five women in this event, the gals were heavily outnumbered by the guys, but that didn’t bother Laura. The men are so considerate and supportive, it’s a pleasure to be part of the group. As we so often say, it’s not (just) about the cars…it’s about the people.

And Congratulations, Laura! Way to Goooo!