Lime Rock Park Event Thank You

A Big Thank You to all!

It was an excellent event with

  • perfect weather

  • always ontime schedule

  • dedicated Instructors (assigned and jump-ins)

  • flawless flagging and control

  • flexible NCR DE Ambassadors

  • focused students

 Please use Driving Evals to provide your feedback

 We look forward to seeing you at our next event at Club Motorsport


Season Opener

We holding our Season Opener at Lime Rock Park again this year. We've been traveling to northwest Connecticut facility since 2009 for our two day event. With only seven turns (just one to the left) this short track is known as "easy to learn, but difficult to master".  Check out this video from 2019.

There lots of history associated with LPR. Take a quick trip down memory lane at this link or check out NCR's HPDE events @LRP in last year's photos by selecting this link or the image below

or get in the way-back machine for at look at the 2009 Event Photos

This is always a great event to open the season. Register below and We'll CU @ LRP!


Lime Rock Park

Come join us on May 8th and 9th at Lime Rock Park and check another iconic track off your bucket list! 

Lime Rock Park: The Secret Valley of Racing


Located in the foothills of the scenic southern Berkshires, this course is arguably the most historic road racing circuit in North America.



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