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On the track, driver and instructor communicate with headsets. Talk about finding the line, hitting the apex, driving the car smoothly, in the rain no stomping on the gas and no stomping on the brake pedal. Shift at the right time and be in the right gear. John was coaching me and watching my every move. At the end of each session his comment, better than the last, and all 4 fenders intact. Concentration is key at all times. When I got distracted by a car behind me it was blatantly obvious. In time I settled down and regained my concentration. My first DE experience was incredibly positive.

 I found the DE team to be supportive, knowledgeable, and serious about safety. Many of the instructors donated their day to helping the new drivers learn how to drive at speed. I had a great time, it was a lot of fun. The NCR DE team is a great group of dedicated people that produce a great program for its members.

Thanks guys! I am looking forward to the new year and our first Spring DE event at NHMS.

Jeff Torrey
North Country Region PresidentJeffTorrey