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COVID-19 Minimum Compliance Standards for Devens Autocross

NOTE: NCR Autocross COVID-19 Protocols encompass, supercede and add more detail to these standards.

Massachusetts COVID-19 Minimum Compliance Standards for Autocross

All Clubs running Autocross events at Moore Airfield will comply with these operating standards at a minimum; Clubs may elect to implement more rigorous standards at their discretion.

Social Distancing

  1. There are no indoor activities at an autocross event
  2. Paddock and Grid area will be arranged to allow 6’ minimum distance between drivers; timing tent will be arranged to allow 6’ separation between workers
  3. Participants will be instructed not to congregate in groups
  4. Course workers are always spread out on the course greater than 6’ apart; at any time if there is a need to be within 6’ of each other, face masks shall be worn
  5. No spectators to be allowed at the event
  6. Only registered co-drivers or instructors will be allowed in a car with the driver; if more than one occupant is in the car, both need to be wearing masks

Hygiene Protocol

  1. 60% alcohol hand sanitizer will be available at the timing tent for staff; equipment (laptop computer, radios, monitors (if used), and printers (if used) will be sanitized between run group heats (worker shifts)
  2. Shared radio headsets shall not be used
  3. 60% alcohol hand sanitizer will be available for use outside of porta-potties (prior to entry) and inside porta-potties (prior to exit)
  4. Tables & chairs used in timing area to be sanitized and stored at end of event
  5. Clubs will supply adequate cleaning products (hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes) to perform required cleaning/sanitizing of equipment
  6. No loaner helmets will be provided

Staffing and Operations

  1. Contact information for local health authorities, including the MA Department of Public Health, and the local Board of Health will be communicated to all staff and all participants during driver’s meeting and in registration materials
  2. Prescreening requirements – self screen at home, including temperature checks or symptom checks
  3. Turn away any drivers who are showing signs/symptoms
  4. Isolation, Contact Tracing, and Communication plan for if staff is diagnosed as positive with COVID-19, or comes into close contact (within 6 ft for 10 minutes or more) with an individual diagnosed with COVID-19
  5. Safety information and precautions to be taken at the event will be communicated to all staff and registered drivers prior to the event; this information will reinforce the fact that no one should attend the event who is sick or has been on contact with anyone who is sick within the past two weeks
  6. All payments are made online prior to event; no payments made at event; ID’s to confirm registration will be checked at gate by staff – contactless inspection
  7. Face coverings to be worn at all times by staff and participants except when in their cars or working the course; instructors and students riding together must wear masks in the car
  8. Windows open at all times
  9. Records of everyone participating in the event are kept in each Club’s registration/timing system database for each event
  10. Sound measurements and reporting shall be conducted per established protocols in place with Devens Recreation

Cleaning and Disinfecting

  1. Registered drivers (including co-drivers if allowed by a club) will drive only their own cars; no sharing of vehicles will be allowed
  2. Porta-potties are cleaned and disinfected by the service provider between event as part of the contract with Devens Recreation
  3. A Club staff member will be assigned to wipe down the touch surfaces with sanitizer on the porta-potty doors regularly during the event
  4. Tables & chairs used in timing area to be sanitized and stored at end of event
  5. Records/Logs shall be kept that include date, time, and scope of cleaning