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Arriving at the Site, Check-in & Waiver

  • You should arrive between 7:00 and 7:45AM
  • Do not arrive before 7:00 unless you are on the setup crew
  • Drive courteously and obey the local traffic laws and please report anyone not doing so
  • Local police know we are here and often use radar before and after our events
  • Everyone MUST Stop at the "gate" at the top of the hill (where the chain-link fence ends). Here you will:
    • Sign the Waiver -- this includes participants, guests, spectators, etc.
    • A PCA Minor waiver, signed by parent(s) is required for anyone under age 18
    • Check-in with on-site registrar(s)
    • All particpants must show their driver license and tell the gate workers their name, class and car number
    • If you have any changes or owe money, you will have to come to the timing tent from 7:30-8:00 to make those payments and changes.
  • Everyone will get a wrist band after signing the waiver
    • One color for novice and intermediate drivers
    • One color for qualified instructors
    • One color for guests
    • Nobody enters the site without a wristband!
  • Once you are checked in:
    • Park in the paddock
    • Prepare your car by removing all loose items, including floor mats, and affixing the number you were assigned.
    • Then put your car in the tech line with hood and trunk open.
    • Bring your helmet(s) to the tech line.
  • At 8:15 sharp, be at the Mandatory Driver Meeting near the timing tent
  • The course will be open for walking after the Driver Meeting
  • Autocross is an all day rain or shine event
    • plan to stay until 5:00 if necessary
    • pay attention to the forecast and plan accordingly


General Rules and Guidelines

  • No drugs or alcohol allowed on site at any time
  • Speed limit 5MPH at all times in pit area
  • Children must be supervised at all times and are NOT allowed in the hot grid
  • Pets must be supervised/leashed at all times
    • Pets are NOT allowed in the hot grid
  • NO SMOKING smoking in the grid
  • No skates, Heelys, scooters, bikes etc allowed
  • Stay away from timing tent
    • If you need help please see event chair or an instructor, they will be glad to help you
  • Pick up any trash- Leave the site cleaner than when we arrived
    • Use the Dumpster
    • Devens will fine us if trash is left on site
  • Support the local merchants
    • Tell them you are there for an autocross event at Moore Airfield
    • DO NOT park in front of the Cottage restaurant in town.
      • The owner is very particular about saving those parking spots for his customers
  • Stay away from the police cars
  • Drink plenty of water
    • It is easy to get dehydrated--even on a cool cloudy day
  • Anyone taking photos MUST use a spotter. They are your eyes and ears for safety.
  • Everyone must work
    • You must work both morning and afternoon sessions.
    • If you need to leave early please see event chairperson prior to leaving
  • Attendance at the Driver Meeting is mandatory
  • Results are announced live and broadcast on 89.5 FM



  • Grid workers will help drivers get lined up in grid
  • We grid 2 cars deep
  • Dual drivers go to front of grid
  • Grid workers will get dual drivers on course to keep runs in synch with single drivers
  • If you have a rerun go to the rerun lane
    • Grid workers will get you out for rerun after a minimum of 5 cars have gone


Instructors and Passengers

  • We have assigned instructors for the event
    • First time autocrossers must use instructors until instructors feel driver is ready to drive alone
    • If you want an instructor put you flashers on and an instructor will hop in the car with you
  • Passenger rules (Starter will be checking):
    • We encourage passenger rides for learning purposes
    • Only registered entrants are allowed in cars
    • Either driver or passenger MUST be an approved instructor
    • Approved instructors are identified by wrist band color
    • Passenger must be back in the grid in time for their next run (or lose the run)



  • Novices running in the novice class will run with their base class
    • For example- if running in a 2010 Boxster S with no mods you will run when base class 6 runs
  • If you win novice class you will no longer be eligible for novice class at future events
  • There is a Mandatory Novice Meeting and course walk lead by our novice Captain
    • Grid, course elements, penalties etc. will be covered


Corner Captains

  • A Captain is assigned to each corner
    • Captain is usually an experienced worker
    • Captain will have the radio and the red flag
    • Captain also shags cones
    • If you are assigned as captain and feel you can't do the job please let us know and we can make a change
  • Radio
    • You MUST call in ALL penalties and ALL re-runs
    • Keep transmission short… “Control this is corner 4, car 8-8-7, 2 cones”
    • Wait for acknowledgement from control
      • If you do not get an acknowledge from control check if they got the call
  • Red Flag
    • Keep the red flag in your hand at all times, never put it down
    • Keep the flag unfurled (NOT rolled up) and hidden from drivers
    • If red flag is needed waive it vigorously in a figure 8 pattern to get drivers attention
    • If you see something unsafe use the red flag
  • Spread the workers out
    • Workers standing in one place makes getting to downed cones difficult and causes unnecessary reruns


Working the Course

  • We allow cars to be driven to work stations
  • Park cars at least 100 feet from course
  • Do not park in line of sight of drivers
  • Park cars out of the spin zone
  • No sitting on course while course is hot
  • No cell phones, cameras, pagers, etc. use allowed on course at any time
  • Be ready to run in case of car spin or to reset cones


  • Watch behind the car as a lot of cones are hit with rear of car
  • Each cone tipped over or moved completely outside of the box is a penalty:
    • Cone Penalties
  • Cones before the start are subject to the same penalties
  • Any cone penalty after the finish lights is an automatic DNF
  • Pointer cones DO NOT COUNT as penalty but must be replaced
  • If a cone wiggles or is not centered in the box, reset it
  • Move quickly, fix the cone and get out of the way of the next driver
  • If not enough time, stay out of the way--your safety is more important
  • NEVER turn your back to an oncoming car!
  • Use the following hand signals to indicate penalty:
    • Hand Signals



  • Car numbers must be visible at all times
    • Large enough to be seen by workers on course
    • Numbers must be contrasting color to car
  • If you get in trouble, save the car not the run!
  • "If it starts to spin -- BOTH FEET IN"
  • Save the equipment
    • If you damage the equipment (Timing lights/transmitters etc) you will pay for repair or replacement
  • Devens has very strict sound requirements
    • If your car is over the limit you will be black flagged and given 1 opportunity to fix it
    • If you have a second violation you will be done for the day
  • Always drive through the finish lights, even if you are getting rerun, off course, etc.


  • If you are red flagged you will be given a rerun--unless you caused the red flag
  • If you see a cone down or in the wrong place STOP
    • Get corner worker attention to verify cone is out of place
    • If cone is verified to be out of place corner worker must call in rerun to control. If not called in no rerun will be given
  • Once moving again drive course quickly, no slow driving as other cars are coming behind you
  • Make sure to go through the finish lights
  • Return to grid and get into the rerun lane