If you've participated in any CVR driver's education event this year, then you already have a fire extinguisher, which is now required in all run groups. If you'll be adding a hand-held fire extinguisher to your Porsche, you want the extinguisher mounting bracket (which holds the extinguisher) to mount to something firm that won't let go at an inopportune time.  Brey-Krause has a line of stainless brackets ($70-$110) that mounts the extinguisher either in front or behind the seat. If you have a rollbar, there are adaptors to mount the extinguisher to it. Also, some mount the extinguisher bracket to the floor tunnel. If you do that, be sure the bracket mounts against the metal flooring, not carpet.  Consider using Loctite blue on the screws/bolts.  The extinguisher itself should be minimum 2 1/2 lbs size, preferably with a metal (vs plastic) head, and have a two strap bracket. In addition, you might want to consider getting a halogen extinguisher as opposed to a garden variety $9.99 special. The benefit of Halogen is that it doesn't leave a chemical residue in the knooks and crannies of your aluminum engine after the fire's put out.  Expect to pay around $125 for a halogen extinguisher and bracket.

Written by Bill Gregory for the "Challenge", monthly publication of the Connecticut Valley Region, Porsche Club of America.