Yours are very popular vehicles.  In recent years Porsche has been selling more Cayennes and Macans than vehicles in its “traditional” sports car lines.  Historically, North Country programs have been structured for sports car enthusiasts, but times are changing.

Do current North Country programs meet your needs? 

Your Cayenne or Macan has Porsche performance but in a package with distinct capabilities and characteristics.  Your higher ground clearance gives you access to roads the driver of a low-slung Porsche would not dare consider.  Those roads are abundant in New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts … and represent unrealized opportunities.  Your cargo capacity opens possibilities of tailgating or other outings that involve equipment that would be inconvenient to carry in more compact Porsches. 

What would you like to be doing to take advantage of your Porsche? 

We are considering forming a North Country Cayenne/Macan interest group to promote activities structured for your vehicles, but we need to know what would interest you.  Such a group might operate within an existing program (perhaps Rally/Tour) or might be a separate program.  You need to tell the North Country Board what works for you.

Please direct comments, ideas, or any other feedback to  We will report back to membership about your thoughts.