Track Flags

All definitions are for Porsche Club Events. Note that some regions use flags for different functions.


Green Flag

Signals the warm-up lap has ended and that passing may commence.
Pass only when signaled by driver and only in designated areas.


Passing Flag

Signals that a faster car is behind you, at the next passing zone give the pass signal.
Keep your line, the car making the pass will go off line to pass. One pass signal for each car.


Yellow Flag

A stationary yellow signals that there is problem ahead, slow down and proceed with caution.
A waving yellow signals that there is a car on the track ahead, slow down and be ready to go off-line.


Debris Flag

This flag is displayed when there is oil, coolant and/or sand on the track.
Slow down and watch for debris on track.


White Flag

This is sometimes used to signal an animal on the track ahead.
Watkins Glen and Mont Tremblant use this for animals.


Black Flag

Signals that something is wrong with your car or your driving.
You need to signal the flag station you have seen the flag and
come into the pits to speak with the trackmaster.

When this flag is shown at all stations it signals that the run group is being
stopped usually to clear the track of debris or to pull in a disabled car.
Once again slow down, acknowledge you have seen the flag and
come into the pits, the flaggers will direct you.


Red Flag

Signals that the run group is being stopped. Come to a controlled stop
off-line but on the track. Be careful not to brake to hard as there
may be a car directly behind you. Watch the flag station nearest you for instructions.
Stay in your car, emergency vehicles may be on the track.


Meatball Flag

This flag is generally used to signal the run group is about to end.
Acknowledge that you have seen this flag and proceed at speed
through the checker flag then start the cool-down lap.


Checkered Flag

This flag signals the end of the run group. Drive though the flag
and then slow down gradually do not brake suddenly. Proceed around the
track driving the line at a slow pace try not to use the brakes at all.
Cool down yourself and your car and give the pit-in signal as you
negotiate the last corner.