NCR Autocross #1

NCR Autocross #1 - April 22, 2006

by Joe Kraetsch, NCR Autocross Co-Chair


The first autocross of the season is history. We had good weather, starting out sunny, and turning mostly cloudy as the day went on. We had no rain but there were snowflakes in the air as we were leaving!

A challenging course was set by John MacDonald, NER member and course designer for BMWCCA and SCCA. John is also an experienced instructor and although he was unable to compete, he was also kind enough to instruct for the remainder of the morning. Thank you, John, for your unselfish help and generosity.

I heard a lot of positive feedback on the course. The course had a nice variety of elements that flowed well but was definitely challenging and forced you to think ahead.

We had a light turnout and finished the day early with eight runs for everyone. The newly revised Strict Stock class was our largest class with Steve Ross and David Keimach battling for first all day. Dave took the win on his last run of the day. Class 12 saw a tight battle between Scott Eggimann and Hank Black in the same car with the owner taking the trophy. The other close race was in Modified where Rick Russell and John Hanson (welcome back guys!) gave Ron Mann (in the wrong car) a run for his money. Charles Stromeyer took FTD and Dave Porter just barely beat Ollie Lucier (by 0.02 seconds!) for top PAX of the day.

Thanks to all who came out and played and a huge thanks to all the morning workers who worked extra shifts and to the volunteers who helped out to make the event run smoothly.

The next NCR autocross is Saturday, May 13th, so mark you calendars and come out and play. This year promises a great variety of courses as we have lined up some very experienced course designers to help us out.