Event 4

Event 4 - September 18, 2004

The fourth and final autocross of the 2004 season was held on Saturday 18th September. Well, technically it wasn't held; it was rained off, and so officially the season consisted of only three events. This means that for the season championship you only had to compete in two of the three events, and your best two finishes count. 

Anyway, back to the fourth event. Despite the heavy rain and the miserable forecast, we still had almost 50 drivers show up. They were all keen to drive and didn't want to go home and stay dry. It was far too wet to run a regular event and instead we opted for a "fun day". Phil Kogan set a skid pad in one area and a figure-8 in another, and Chris Darminio set a mini autocross course. We split the people into three groups and sent them out to the various "exercises". None of the exercises needed any course workers, so all the drivers were able to stay in their cars, heaters on, and dry. Even the mini autocross course was worker free since the rule was if you knocked down a cone you had to stop and pick it up yourself.

After everyone had spent about an hour at each exercise it was obvious that the rain wasn't going to ease up, so we called it a day. Despite the weather most people still had fun, and just about everyone learned something about driving in the wet.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and proved that you don't have to have a sunny day for an autocross event. But having said that, I think we've had more than our fair share of bad weather this year and I'll do my best to order up some sunshine for next year. See some of you at the Zone 1 event and hopefully the rest of you in 2005.