Event 2

Event 2 - June 14, 2003

Weather-wise, it was another gloomy day at Devens, with the chance of some showers (that seems to be the only weather which exists this year). But once again we got lucky and managed to stay dry all day.

Coffee and donuts, generously provided by our event sponsor, Porsche of Nashua, awaited everybody before the drivers meeting. And at the drivers meeting Porsche of Nashua's Glenn Gould asked a few trivia questions and handed out "door prizes" to the most alert participants.

Four runs in the morning, and short break for lunch, and another four runs in the afternoon. No major incidents and no one broke anything. So in that regard the event was a success.

I did receive some feedback about the course being too much of a "914 course", or in other words, too slow and too tight. Let me explain why we had the course we did. I was talking to Chris Darminio (our course designer) when we first arrived, and explained to him that with the threat of rain I didn't think we could expect a big turnout, and so consequently he'd better not create too long of a course (while we all like a long course without a good turnout we just don't have sufficient flaggers). But on the other hand we also didn't want a course that was only 30-40 seconds, so I asked him to slow the course down a little so that we'd end up with something not too long but still around 60 seconds for the faster drivers. And that's why we had the course we did. Our third event is in August and hopefully by then we'll finally have some sun, and with the sun will come a few more drivers, which in turn will mean we can have a longer and faster course.

The fastest time of the day went to Ed Bogue from CVR in his 1969 911E with a time of 54.504. Second and third were the two Marks, Skala and Schnoerr, both within half a second of Ed. Fourth was Sir Charles in the Red Turbo and Steve Ross managed to power his Boxster to fifth overall.

Don't forget that this year we are also posting PAX results so that you can compare your times against drivers in other classes (except class 16; sorry all you other drivers). Fasted PAX time went to Mark Schnoerr with Chris Darminio and Mark Skala taking second and third. Hmm, I guess it really was a 914 course!