NCR Autocross #1—May 1, 2010

by Joe Kraetsch and Lisa Roche


Autocross #1 is in the books. We had a few hurdles to overcome—two of our staff members were unable to attend, we had a new course designer, and we had a couple computer glitches in the morning session—but all is well that ends well. We had a beautiful, 70 degree day and 57 drivers were treated to eight runs on a challenging course. Hats off to Scruffy for a great first course and to the rest of our staff for making the event a success.

Junior Participant Program novice Rusty Talbot is still smiling after finishing third in the Novice class in his first ever autocross. He is learning to autocross at the same time he is learning to drive the 944. Autocross is a wonderful opportunity for young drivers to safely learn and develop their car control skills. The PCA Junior Participant Program enables 16 and 17 year old licensed drivers to participate in Autocross.

Randy McDermott, Jay Gratton’s brother-in-law and another first time autocrosser, is also still smiling—and is already making upgrades to his Miata for his next autocross. Track pack member Tony Iorfino came out to play in his Mini Cooper and since Miriam’s 944 is experiencing clutch issues, she also played with her brand new bright red Mini Cooper (aka "Roxie"). This brings up a point: If you are a PCA member who would like to try autocross but don’t want to get your P-Car dirty, you can play with your daily driver in the non-Porsche class. We even have a non-Porsche Novice class. Don’t have a helmet? We have a few loaner helmets that you can use. No other special equipment is required but be forewarned—Autocross is addicting.

Ollie won his class in the boo-boo Boxster. Apparently the band-aids that daughter Amriel placed on the Boxster’s "ouchies" helped. Amriel will be prepping the Boxster for the next event. Sigrid arrived without hubby Mark and won the 914 class. She loved the new trophies so much that she vowed to sweep the season. Look out Mark, Chris, and Tom!

Jack Saunders (our oldest NCR member at 87 and an avid autocrosser) flew to California to pick up his new 993. Then he drove cross country directly to our first autocross to exercise his new toy. After the event, he finished his long journey home to his lovely wife Olivia. Now that’s dedication! (and a very understanding wife).