Our second autocross of 2019 took place on Sunday, May 19th  at Moore Airfield near Ayer, MA. We had 65 drivers and all kinds of weather.  It was cloudy and cool when we arrived at the site to set up.  The weather forecast said it wasn’t going to rain.  It did.  Late morning brought unexpected showers along with some unexpected winds. The wind blew the rain into the tent trying to get everything wet. We were squeegeeing water off the tables and trying to keep the equipment dry.  The rain tapered off into the afternoon when it finally cleared up and the sun peaked out. We did four runs in the morning on a great course designed by Chris Darminio.

We took a 45 minute lunch break giving both drivers and course time to dry.  The course was still a bit damp and cold but it dried out and warmed up during the first afternoon runs and the sun even came out in the early afternoon.  We did five afternoon runs and could have done more but the weather maps showed another storm that would come through around 5:00 so we cut our losses and finished before 4:00 PM. 

Other than Pandora’s box of weather and the finish sensors getting knocked over a couple times, the event ran very well.  Frank Bayliss took FTD (Fastest raw Time of the Day) while Chris Lindquist had the Fastest Porsche time.  Chris Hubert had the top PAX handicapped time of the day.  We had several new drivers from other clubs, both local and as far away as Maine, New York and Connecticut.  The feedback from these folks was overwhelmingly positive.

Our next event, NCR Autocross #3, is Saturday, June 15th