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John Lussier
Pam and Dennis Mascetta - Operations Manager
Lisa Roche and Joe Kraetsch - On Site Registrars
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2018 Events

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Date               Location           Host            Event
March 3           HMS               NER       Ground School
April 20-22       NHMS              NCR       Season Opener
April 21          NHMS              NCR       Car Control Clinic
May 18-20         Watkins Glen      Zone 1    48 Hours at the Glen
May 25-27         Thompson          NER       
June 8-10         Palmer            NER       
June 25&26        Limerock          NCR       Limerock Fun Days; Paddock Party 
July 4-7          Mt Tremblant      NER/NNJR  
August 10-12      WGI               NER/NNJR   
August 14-16      Calabogie         NER/NNJR  
September 7-9     Tamworth          NCR
September 21-23   Palmer            NER    
October 6&7       NHMS              NCR       Spring is a Long Time Coming; Make-A-Wish

Driver's Education Run Group Promotions

The following drivers were promoted during our Spring Opener.

White to Black

  • Drew Kenney Northeast Region 
  • Don Kelly Northeast Region

Blue to White

  • Jim Daley North Country Region 
  • Felipe Miranda North Country RegionDriversEducation

Yellow to Blue

  • Sam Lin North Country Region 
  • Gary Gammans Northeast Region
  • Roland Morin Downeast Region
  • Bob Hollis Northeast Region

Green to Yellow

  • Tracy Hutchins North Country Region
  • Ben Chiel Northeast Region
  • Thomas Rohlfs North Country Region
  • Jim Liotine North Country Region

Congratulations to all.

Car Control Clinic expanded to provide complete “First Track Day” experience

On April 21st North Country Region (NCR) will be holding an event of interest to those who have never attended a Driver’s Education(DE) event. “First Track Day” will be held at New Hampshire Motor Speedway (NHMS). We are holding this First Track Day event only once this year, and although complete newcomers are welcome to any of our events, this day has a special focus for those with no experience. Unique to this event we will have special extended classrooms as well as a Car Control Clinic (CCC) including time on a skid pad and a braking exercise with emergency lane change maneuver.  In the afternoon you will also be spending time on the NHMS 1.6 mile road course with a PCA instructor.

You can register for this event at this link.  Look for the NCR Season Opener event and select the Purple Run Group.

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2018 Driver's Education Promotions

We’ve put together a few promotions for the 2018 season. Registration opens at Motorsportsreg.com on March 1st.

First Timers

Did you see Jeff Torrey’s “Spring is a Long Time Coming” article in the November-December Northlander? He was a first timer last fall and for those of you that are considering driving your Porsche on the track, Jeff’s words might have a ring of familiarity to them.

This spring the Driver’s Education Team at NCR is looking for a few more First Timers. If you have never attended one of our Driver’s Education events we are discounting your event fee by 50 percent when you register for your first event.

Come on out and see if you enjoy it as much as Jeff did.

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What's New at North Country Driver's Education

Greetings from frozen New Hampshire. This month we look forward to the 2018 events and list some of the changes that you will see in the North Country Driver’s Education Program.

This first welcome change is that all our events in New Hampshire will be on the weekend. That’s right no more trying to get those Tuesdays and Wednesdays cleared from the calendar. The Limerock Park event stays on the traditional Monday and Tuesday at the End of June. Here is a summary of each of our events. We will be sending out addition details and registration information over the next few weeks.

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Pam Mascetta - Not Just Another Woman Driver

I have always loved to drive, beginning with my little red pedal car when I was 5. My love affair with Porsche began in my late teens. A friend of mine had an adorable 911 he called “The Silver Bullet”. I loved the way it sounded, the way it smelled and the way it felt out on the road. One day we were zipping around when we came up behind a very slow Cadillac on a wide exit ramp. He said “Hang on!” and neatly proceeded to execute a pass. I was momentarily terrified but thrilled at the same time.

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Lisa Roche - Not Just another Woman Driver

LisaIf you have been to almost any NCR event, you have probably seen this smiling face.  Perhaps it was at a car show, or autocross, or DE, or at a banquet or rally.  Meet Lisa Roche and her favorite car.

Lisa began her Porsche odyssey doing car shows with her ex-husband and his 914.  When he refused to autocross his car, she bought her own ‘89 944.  Starting out, she claims they were the slowest on the course, but she couldn’t get the smile off her face. Now, 20 years later, still loving it, Lisa and her partner Joe have fun battling for the fastest run times.  She has won many Autocross Class Champion awards, including multiple National Porsche Parade events, Zone 1 Autocross events and a LFT (ladies fastest time overall) award at the 2009 Zone 1.

Lisa’s autocross experience shaped her excellent driving skills on the track.   She drives in the Black (Advanced) Driving Group for DE events and especially loves to drive in the rain.  With the rain being a great equalizer, Lisa has been known to pass much faster cars with her smooth car control skills. You go, girl!

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Judy Hendrickson - No Just Another Woman Driver

Judy SmallThis is an extraordinary story about an extraordinary woman.  At the track, we are all aware of the knowledge and passion that Judy Hendrickson brings to our events, but not many are aware of the history of our “Club Historian”.  In years past, Judy and her husband Doug were instrumental in the original chartering of the North Country Region PCA Club.  Together they produced the club newsletter for several years, winning the prestigious Paul Heinmiller Newsletter of the Year Award in 1994.  They also chaired the National PCA Parade Concours in Lake Placid that year.  Serving as NCR Membership Chair, VP in 1994 and President in 1995, it is not surprising that the National PCA organization called upon Judy.  Then President of PCA.  Judy Boles, asked her to serve as National Membership Chair, which she did from 1995-2003. She also served as PCA Treasurer from 2003-2005.  Having achieved an iconic stature in PCA, both locally and nationally, Judy is now happy to be “just a member”.  We know her as NCR Historian, a DE instructor, and driving enthusiast extraordinaire, but there is so much more…

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Passing the Torch

I bought my first Porsche in 1987, a black 944. I flogged it around the streets and canyons of southern California for a year, then traded it in on a mortgage, our first child, and a used Honda Accord.

Twenty years later, in 2007, I bought my second Porsche, a black 2000 Boxster S. A friend said “you should take it to the track.” I said, “The track? Really!?” In 2008, I joined NCR, and did a car control clinic and my first track day at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. I have been sliding down the slippery slope ever since. For the last 10 years, driving on the track has been my passion – at Driver’s Educarion (DE) events and PCA club races.

During that time, I have driven 15 tracks, met some great friends, shared many track events with our four kids, and now share nearly every event with my wife Mary, who also loves to drive and instruct. The Boxster has turned into a full race car, and our second Porsche, a 2002 996, will soon be a full race car.

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An Introduction to Driver's Education

Driver Education track events are intended to provide a basic foundation of knowledge which become building blocks to advancing skills as you continue with track driving.

Students are taught to drive safely around the track in a non-competitive environment under the supervision of a track instructor riding in the car.

Students can expect (and are expected) to learn the following:

  1. How to drive the basic line of the track.
  2. How to use turn-in cones, apex cones and track-out cones as track markers.
  3. Braking, shifting and turning techniques and sequence for turns.
  4. Names of turns and straights of the track and other track vocabulary
  5. Safety
  6. Being comfortable and having fun!!!

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