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Driver's Education Team

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DE Chair
DE Registrar
Chief Instructor
Pat Maloney 
John Lussier
Pam and Dennis Mascetta - Operations Manager
Lisa Roche and Joe Kraetsch - On Site Registrars
If calling please do so BEFORE 9:30pm
Send general DE questions/comments to DE Chair
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2018 Events

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Date               Location           Host            Event
March 3           HMS               NER       Ground School
April 20-22       NHMS              NCR       Season Opener
April 21          NHMS              NCR       Car Control Clinic
May 18-20         Watkins Glen      Zone 1    48 Hours at the Glen
May 25-27         Thompson          NER       
June 8-10         Palmer            NER       
June 25&26        Limerock          NCR       Limerock Fun Days; Paddock Party 
July 4-7          Mt Tremblant      NER/NNJR  
August 10-12      WGI               NER/NNJR   
August 14-16      Calabogie         NER/NNJR  
September 7-9     Tamworth          NCR
September 21-23   Palmer            NER    
October 6&7       NHMS              NCR       Spring is a Long Time Coming; Make-A-Wish

2018 Driver's Education Promotions

We’ve put together a few promotions for the 2018 season. Registration opens at Motorsportsreg.com on March 1st.

First Timers

Did you see Jeff Torrey’s “Spring is a Long Time Coming” article in the November-December Northlander? He was a first timer last fall and for those of you that are considering driving your Porsche on the track, Jeff’s words might have a ring of familiarity to them.

This spring the Driver’s Education Team at NCR is looking for a few more First Timers. If you have never attended one of our Driver’s Education events we are discounting your event fee by 50 percent when you register for your first event.

Come on out and see if you enjoy it as much as Jeff did.

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HANS Device Required for multi-point harness (in 2019)

PCA Chief Driving Instructors and Region Officials,

The number one priority of PCA's HPDE Program is track safety. A core belief in the DE program is that a person can purchase a stock Porsche and take it to the track for an HPDE weekend, after an appropriate tech inspection of course. 

Some people choose to modify their cars to increase performance and others to increase safety. A popular modification made to track cars is the addition of a multi-point harness system. Starting January 1, 2019, the DE Minimum Standards will be expanded to state that if a driver uses a harness system, he or she will ALSO be required to utilize a head and neck restraint system, commonly referred to as a HANS device. 

A head and neck restraint device is an integral part of the harness system. Because the rule of equal restraint always applies, if a driver uses a harness system there must also be a harness system available and used by the passenger. Thus, both the driver and passenger will be required to use a HANS device. We highly encourage all DE participants to not wait until 2019 to comply with this new minimum standard. Head and neck restraint system devices are now more affordable and easily purchased online.

The DE Committee's decision was made over the course of two years after careful review of options, conversations with DE participants and discussion of a variety of perspectives. Please pass on this information to your DE drivers and instructors as soon as possible to avoid any confusion.

As a reminder, members of the DE Committee can be found here: https://www.pca.org/national-driver-education-committee

Thank you for all your time and effort to make your region’s DE program a safe and successful one. If you have feedback, please let me know!

Catch you in the Curves!

John Krecek
Great Plains Region – Porsche Club of America
Chief Driving Instructor
PCA National DE Committee Chair

Wow, what a weekend!

A wicked big THANK YOU to everyone that attended the Club Motorsports event:

  • Thank you to the staff and management of Club Motorsports Incorporated for helping us plan and execute a great event;

  • Thank you to those with worker assignments for arriving early and performing your duties with enthusiasm;

  • Thank you to the instructors for guiding the new and not so new drivers on this challenging track;

  • Thank you to the students for your attention and questions before, during and after each session;

  • Thank you to the advanced drivers for managing the highest on track car counts ever at an NCR event;

  • and lastly, thank you to the weatherman for three perfect track days.

We look forward to doing all this again next year.

RegisterDon't forget to register for our final event of the year at NHMS on October 6th and 7th. It's our Make-A-Wish weekend. Let's see all those great smiles again.

Gallery Home

September 7, 2018
Photos by David Churcher

Driver's Education Run Group Promotions

The following drivers were promoted during our Spring Opener.

White to Black

  • Drew Kenney Northeast Region 
  • Don Kelly Northeast Region

Blue to White

  • Jim Daley North Country Region 
  • Felipe Miranda North Country RegionDriversEducation

Yellow to Blue

  • Sam Lin North Country Region 
  • Gary Gammans Northeast Region
  • Roland Morin Downeast Region
  • Bob Hollis Northeast Region

Green to Yellow

  • Tracy Hutchins North Country Region
  • Ben Chiel Northeast Region
  • Thomas Rohlfs North Country Region
  • Jim Liotine North Country Region

Congratulations to all.

Season Opener Event Information

Congratulations to Richard Levine.

He wins the Free Event

2018 04 21 14.19.03

TrackPac includes "First Track Day" information


Garage Assigments

Car Numbers

Driving Evals Student Guide

Driving Evals Instructor Guide

Student-Instructor Assignments


Season Opener Photos download instructions

To download your photo from SmugMug

  1. Locate the image in the SmugMug gallery and click on the thumbnail. A bigger version will show up to the right of the thumbnails.
  2. Click on the image to the right on the thumbnails. You will get an even larger version of the image filling the screen.
  3. Select your size by clicking on the sizes icon(overlapping rectangles) in the lower right corner. 
  4. Right click on the image and select "save image as ..."

If you wish to purchase a print or other photo products from SmugMug, select the BUY button and follow their directions.

Club Motorsports Parking and Registration

Parking Lots

In the annotated photo below you will see the four designated parking areas for this event (Kart, Welcome, Main, West).

The West lot is restricted to track cars and temporary parking for registration.

The Main lot is to be used for trailer and tow vehicle parking.

The Kart and Welcome lots are to be used for tow vehicles, trailers, and track cars.


  1. Enter the facility via the West entrance and stop at Roy's Dog House for your parking assignment.
  2. Use the temporary parking area in the center of the West lot for Registration (park side by side facing Roy's Dog House.
  3. Register with Club Motorsports and NCR in the Classroom trailer.
  4. Move to Main lot to unload vehicle from your trailer.Parking

Car Control Clinic expanded to provide complete “First Track Day” experience

On April 21st North Country Region (NCR) will be holding an event of interest to those who have never attended a Driver’s Education(DE) event. “First Track Day” will be held at New Hampshire Motor Speedway (NHMS). We are holding this First Track Day event only once this year, and although complete newcomers are welcome to any of our events, this day has a special focus for those with no experience. Unique to this event we will have special extended classrooms as well as a Car Control Clinic (CCC) including time on a skid pad and a braking exercise with emergency lane change maneuver.  In the afternoon you will also be spending time on the NHMS 1.6 mile road course with a PCA instructor.

You can register for this event at this link.  Look for the NCR Season Opener event and select the Purple Run Group.

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Pam Mascetta - Not Just Another Woman Driver

I have always loved to drive, beginning with my little red pedal car when I was 5. My love affair with Porsche began in my late teens. A friend of mine had an adorable 911 he called “The Silver Bullet”. I loved the way it sounded, the way it smelled and the way it felt out on the road. One day we were zipping around when we came up behind a very slow Cadillac on a wide exit ramp. He said “Hang on!” and neatly proceeded to execute a pass. I was momentarily terrified but thrilled at the same time.

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