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The Online Driver Meeting is mandatory reading for all drivers.


2018 NCR Autocross dates:

  Event  Date
  NCR Autocross #1   Saturday, April 28
  NCR Autocross #2   Sunday, May 20
  NCR Autocross #3   Sunday, June 10
  NCR Autocross #4   Saturday, August 11
  PCA Zone1 AutoX
  [NCR Autocross #5]
  Saturday & Sunday,
  September 15 and 16 
  NCR Autocross #6   Saturday, September 29

  If you are new to autocross or even if you are not new, read this great Autocross School Introduction courtesy of Randy Hickman and the SCCA Rocky Mountain Solo Organization.

Autocross Registration

Registration for NCR Autocross (except the Zone 1) is on motorsportreg.com

NCR members may register for Renegade Miata Club autocross events and RMC members are invited to register for NCR autocross events.  We also welcome non-PCA members on a space available basis.

Sponsors Wanted

Contact the Autocross Chair for sponsorship opportunities and rewards.