• Rally FAQ

    What does the Rally Program do?

    We drive roads of New England and eastern New York in search of fun.  We look for Porsche-worthy low-traffic routes in good condition, with twists, turns, elevation changes, and scenic qualities.  We generally try to minimize highway driving, but recognize highways are often necessary to get us to the desired roads.  We look for variety.

    Typically, we will enjoy a meal together after a drive.

    Most events are one-day affairs, but we offer three-day get-a-way weekends twice per season.  These are generally further afield to a destination worthy of the effort and offer lunch and group dinner opportunities.

    When do Rally events occur?

    Our driving season begins in May and runs through October.  Events run rain or shine.  Dates and times for Rally Events are listed in each issue of Northlander in the “Rally Corner” column, announced in Rally Update email blasts, and are posted on the NCR Calendar on the website.  Occasionally a date or time will change to accommodate constraints of a venue, so checking the Calendar periodically will keep you tuned in.

    Who plans and manages the events?

    North Country Rally Team coordinates planning and event management.  NCR members plan events, test drive roads to make sure they are suitable, find rest-stop and restaurant venues, and staff each event.  This is a 100% volunteer operation.

    What do I need to participate?

    Bring your Porsche plus a willingness to (i) meet new friends in the welcoming North Country tradition, (ii) drive unfamiliar roads and enjoy the curves and scenery, and (iii) socialize over food and drink.

    How do I participate?

    Watch the NCR Calendar and email blasts for postings of event dates and availability of registration, then register by following the appropriate links to the MotorsportReg website.  Note that advance registration is required.  There is no on-site registration, and you and your navigator (if any) must be registered to participate.  We limit the number of cars, and restaurant venues may further limit the number of participants.

    Interested but unsure?

    Check out photos of past events on the NCR website.  Select "Photos" from the menu at the top of the Home page, pick a year, then navigate to "Rallies and Tours".  Select an event and take a peek.

    Can I contribute?

    Absolutely.  Got an idea of roads to drive or places to go?  Have a favorite restaurant that we should visit?  Want to help with an event, or contribute in some other way?   Contact the Rally Team:  Rally@ncr-pca.org