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As in any activity you may participate in, there is a special vocabulary that accompanies Drivers Education. Please become familiar with the following terms and their meaning. Don't hesitate to ask any track veteran the meaning of a word if you aren't clear....this is especially crucial when driving with your instructor. There are no stupid questions! Ask, Ask, Ask!

APEX - the middle point of the turn.
APEX CONE - marks the mid point of a turn.
DOUBLE APEX - some long turns have a "double apex"....ask your instructor....
EARLY APEX - turning in to apex a bit earlier than should.
GRID TECH - at-track inspection of cars prior to starting event.
HEEL AND TOE - right foot fancy braking: brake pedal and accelerator depressed at the same time during downshifting / braking.
IF YOU SPIN BOTH FEET IN - if you start to spin, depress clutch and brake pedal all the way in, hard! Come to a complete stop.
LATE APEX - turning in to apex cone a bit later than should.
LIFTING - letting up on the gas pedal. Don't do this in a turn.
OFF TRACK EXCURSION - you went off the track...try to do so in as straight a line as possible. Do not re-enter until told to do so by flaggers.
PADDOCK - area behind pits where drivers park their cars, park trailers, stow gear, change tires, etc.
PASSING SIGNALS - car being passed stays on line and indicates car behind can pass on right by putting left arm out window, elbow bent, finger pointing over the car; to indicate car behind can pass you on the left, extend left arm out window and point to the left.
PIT AREA - area next to track where cars come in from track and out go out onto track...usually in front of tower and start / finish.
PIT IN - place where cars enter pit area from track.
PIT IN SIGNAL - left arm out the window, bent at elbow, hand in a fist: indicates to other cars you are going into the pits.
PIT OUT - place where cars go out onto track.
RUN GROUP - group of drivers assigned to be on the track at the same time you are. Drivers are assigned according to number of track days and ability. There are generally 5 run groups: green (beginner), yellow, white, black and red (instructor).
STAGING - the 10 minutes prior to your run group being allowed on the track (thus the last 10 minutes of track time for the run group ahead of you)...all cars in your run group assemble in the pit area...belt in, adjust mirrors, put on helmet, etc.
TRACK OUT POINT - marking / cone on track denoting where on track you should be ending your turn.
TURN IN CONE - cone at the beginning of the turn denoting where on the track you should commence the turn.
TWO SPIN RULE - in you have 2 spins, 2 off courses or a combination of these, you will not be allowed to enter the track again during this drivers education event.