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SEQUENCE FOR TURNS: In negotiating a turn there is a definite sequence of events that must occur in order to efficiently enter and exit that turn. It is important to practice this sequence, working on smoothness in each of the steps. The following sequence of events leads to a successful turn:

1. LIFT - let up on the gas pedal (wheels straight).

2. BRAKE - apply brakes (wheels straight).

3. SHIFT - downshift to a lower gear to maintain torque which enables acceleration out of the turn (not all turns require downshifting).

4. TURN - turn the wheel to initiate the turn. Eyes should be looking through the turn for the apex cone and head should be straight ...let the hands follow the eyes.

5. THROTTLE - apply the gas in an even and constant manner to maintain speed in a corner and to accelerate out of the corner.

LIFT...BRAKE.....(downshift if necessary)...OFF BRAKE....TURN....SQUEEZE THROTTLE......


Following the Diagram of Lime Rock Park below, the sequence of turns and straights coming onto the track from the pits is as follows:

from the "Big Bend"....through "The Esses" (left hander followed by a right hander)....on to "No Name Straight"...then turn onto the "Uphill" the "Back Straight" "West Bend"....under the bridge, then to the "Downhill"....past "Start / Finish" "Big Bend".....

limerock map small

Familiarize yourself with this map and learn the names of the turns, this will assist your instructor in communicating with you. Click on map for larger version