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Braking, shifting and turning techniques and sequence for turns

BRAKING: Always brake with the wheels straight. Do NOT use the brakes while turning. ALL BRAKING NEEDS TO OCCUR BEFORE A TURN WHEN THE WHEELS ARE STRAIGHT. The word "lift" is sometimes used to describe letting off the gas pedal to slow down. Lifting, as braking, should not be done while turning.

SHIFTING: Do not shift while turning...always shift with the wheels straight. Do all shifting before starting a turn and while the steering wheel is straight. Ask your instructor when to shift.

TURNING TECHNIQUES: While turning, keep the power steadily on or increase smoothly. Don't brake in turns...don't lift in turns.

Use the entire track...all traffic is going the same way so you can drive on both sides! Remember...turn-in apex cone....track-out...smoothly. Do not make severe, jerky motions with the steering wheel. Use a smooth, firm motion to minimize the turning of the wheel.

When you are at the end of a straight and have acquired considerable speed, so not use downshifting to slow the car....brake first then downshift. The brakes, not the transmission, should be used in slowing the car.

Make a smooth transition from brake to throttle to brake. Avoid any jerky motions on brake or throttle which might unsettle the car.