What do you like to do on a typical summer Saturday?   If you’re like me, warm sun, blue skies, a fun ride in the P-car followed by a great meal with friends fills the bill. If you could have all that and maybe win a prize for answering some simple questions en-route…, would you be a happy camper? Of course you would!

 Years ago, I ran a combination TSD and Gimmick Rally for NCR. Mixing the two styles was a bit too much for all but the true rally fanatics. For most, a TSD rally is more work than fun. That said, the Summer Curves Rally will not be TSD, but will offer extra points for staying on schedule and deduct points for those that spend too much time doubling-back to find a missed answer.

The roads in the southern NH/Maine Lakes Region area are made for Porsche’s with lots of S-curves and plenty of superb scenery. The rally drive will not be about finding your way or getting UN-lost. Nope, instead it will be all about enjoying the roads. The simple route has some of the most entertaining driving in the area, bar none. Although made for a slick handling sports car, any vehicle is welcome - minimum of a driver and navigator and a working odometer.   Come enjoy the curves!

The Summer Curves Rally will start in Rochester, NH at the Lilac Mall (K-Mart parking lot) and end at The Poor People’s Pub in Sanbornville, NH (just off Rte 16). Drivers meeting at 9:30, first car off at 10AM.

$10 per car. See you all there!