Over the last few years we have had the pleasure of serving the NCR membership as the Rally Co-Chairs. We are now looking for new leadership as we are stepping down.
The position is responsible for organizing a Spring Rally, a Summer Ramble and a Fall Rally. The Rallymaster has a great deal of latitude in organizing and planning the events. With the assistance of NCR volunteers, we have tried to locate the events in different parts of our region. Planning a rally in the mountains, lakes, and coastal areas with wonderful touring roads makes the position most enjoyable for the Rallymaster.
The rallies and rambles are key to attracting many new members to become involved in the calendar of events that NCR offers. It is also an event that allows families to be included.
The Rallymaster functions as the organizer/facilitator of an event. Members have been great in coming forth and offering to develop a route or assist with a luncheon spot, prizes, scoring or writing an article for the Northlander. The calendar for 2013 has been set for dates. The Spring Rally will be the Zone 1 Rally scheduled for May 19. This event is already planned. It will be starting in Portsmouth, NH and ending with a buffet luncheon along the coast of Maine.
Anyone interested in being considered for the position of NCR Rallymaster should contact Matt or Rich.
Jim & Deb Gratton