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11. STAGING: The staging area is located on Pit Lane. Staging is to the right side next to the
front straight wall. Use your time in staging to make final adjustments to helmets, seats, seat
belts and mirrors
12. RUN GROUPS: Participants are placed in run groups on the basis of their driving
experience. If you have any questions about your assignment, please raise them at the chief
13. TWO SPIN RULE: Any driver who leaves the track, spins or is not in control of his / her car
will be black flagged and must return to the pit lane.
If you receive two black flags during the event, you will be ejected.
14. ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT: Anyone deemed to be unsafe and discourteous will be ejected
from the event. Safety is our primary concern throughout the course of the event. This is NOT
a time event and it is NOT practice for racing.
15. ALCOHOL AND DRUGS: No alcoholic beverages may be consumed by any person
during the driving schedule (7.00 AM to 5:00 PM). The use of drugs is strictly prohibited.
16. RISK OF DAMAGE: Participants assume all risk of damage to their cars and to the track
facilities during the event.
17. VOLUNTEERS: This is a volunteer event and your DE Team thanks you for your
participation and support during the event.