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Day of the Event Preparation
1. START TIME: The track will be hot at 9:00am so get there early! On-site registration
will open at 7:00 AM and the gates will be opened at 7:30 AM. Registration closes at 8:00
AM and it is recommended you arrive at the track by 7:15 AM and be prepared to stay until
completion of the day's activities.
2. TRACK ENTRY: Please stop at the registration building adjacent to the main pit entrance
to the track. When you arrive at the track you will be required to sign a PCA INSURANCE
LIABILITY RELEASE (Waiver) form and a NHMS track waiver form.
You will need your PCA card and drivers license
Keep your signed pre-tech inspection form until you go through the tech line.
Please proceed to the paddock and prepare for tech inspection.
3. CAR NUMBERS: Your assigned car number must be displayed on both sides of your car in
numbers at least 4" tall.
4. TECH INSPECTION: A final tech inspection of your car will be performed at the track and
must be completed before your car is permitted to run (all days). The tech line will be open
from 7:45 AM (or as soon as we can get set up) to 8:10 AM. If you arrive late, you will likely
miss the entire morning sessions and your car will be inspected at the convenience of the tech
5. CAR PREPARATION: Car numbers must be affixed. Remove loose objects and hub caps
before entering the tech line. The following items must be removed prior to tech inspection and
will not be allowed on track: Radar detector, cellular phone, and G-Analyst.
6. DRIVER MEETING: ALL participants must attend the drivers meeting. Refer to the daily
schedule for start times.
7. WORKER ASSIGNMENTS: Based on your feedback, NCR is working to minimize the
number of participants that are asked to work during our NHMS events. If you are asked to
work, please report to your assignment at the designated time. Worker assignments will also
be posted in the control area.
8. INSTRUCTORS: Driver education procedures require that an instructor be permitted to
drive the student's car in those run groups that need instruction. If you are driving with an
instructor, you must be comfortable with the instructor's driving and teaching techniques. If you
are not comfortable with your instructor, you may request that another be assigned to you.
9. PASSENGERS: Passengers are not permitted in any car at any time except for instructors,
or a student in an instructor's car.
10. CLOTHING: Appropriate clothing must be worn for driving. (long sleeve shirts and long
pants). No shorts or short sleeve shirts will be permitted. Slacks should not interfere
with foot movement. Protective driving gloves are recommended. Suitable shoes, such as
sneakers, should be worn. No sandals, wedges, high heels nor loose shoes will be allowed.
100% cotton or Nomex materials are recommended.