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1. SNELL 2005 (M, K or SA) or newer helmets are mandatory.
2. Fire extinguishers must be ABC or BC rated, at least 2.5 LB capacity and mounted
metal to metal within the driver's reach. Note that Newcomers attending their first
event have a one-time exemption from this requirement.
3. Open Car Roll Bar Ruling (996/997 Cabriolet & Boxster excluded): all open cars must
have roll bars. In addition, it is recommended that roll bars be padded in any area that
may come in contact with the occupant(s)’ helmet.
4. Open cars must have adequate roll bars (see above) and tops must be closed and
latched. Saratoga tops are not permitted and sunroofs must be closed and latched when
you are on the track. Occupants in open cars must wear arm restraints.
5. Spyders must run with their roof up and limit their speed to not more than 120 mph
6. Imitation Fuchs alloys are banned at events within Zone 1.
7. Similar restraint systems must be utilized for both driver and passenger.
8. Only an instructor or their student may be a passenger in a car.
9. Items mounted to a surface with a suction cup must be tethered to a fixed object. This
applies to in car timers, GPS devices and cameras.
Please read the DE Regulations and Changes on our website at
In particular, note the following:
R-Compound Tires in Green and Yellow run groups:
Will not be allowed unless the car is OEM fitted or is a co-driven car where the primary
driver is in an advanced run group, or an instructor. Any exceptions must be approved by
the Chief Instructor
Restraint Systems: We will strictly be enforcing PCA guidelines for restraint systems.
In summary, the rule mandates that if you have harnesses, you must have a seat that
comes from the manufacturer with the capability to, at the very least, accept the shoulder
harness and the sub belt. You cannot modify any seat to accommodate either the shoulder
harness or the sub-belt. The seat does not have to have holes in the bolsters for the lap
belts. The seat back can be hinged. The seat back must have an integrated headrest.
Harnesses must be either FIA or SFI approved. If the harness is more than five years
old, it must be replaced. Remember that dating systems are different for FIA and SFI.
SFI harnesses must be replaced five years from the date of manufacture. FIA harnesses
expire on December 31 of the expiration year noted on the harnesses. Harnesses must be
secured to either a roll bar or an approved harness truss such as the Brey Kraus unit. You
don't have to have a roll bar, but it is recommended. You still must have equal restraints for
both seats.