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Pre- Event Preparation

A tech inspection form must be completed before your arrival at the track within two (2) weeks
prior to the event. You will be required to present this form during the morning on-site
Tech Inspection.
North Country Region recommends the tech inspectors listed on our website at www.ncrpca.
org/drivers-ed or any Northeast Region approved inspector on their website at http:// .
Participants from other regions may use their own regionally approved inspection facilities,
using a North Country Region tech sheet.
Tech inspection forms must bear the signature or stamp of an approved NCR, NER or out of
region inspector, NO EXCEPTIONS.
Porsche has issued a recall notice regarding wheel center locks for later model vehicles
If you own a vehicle that is impacted by the recall, you must provide a letter from an authorized
Porsche dealer on their letterhead certifying that the recall has been completed on your car.
You must present the letter along with your Tech Form in the morning.
Open exhausts are not permitted. Owners of modified cars should have silencers and be
below the allowed maximum noise level of 99 db.
To keep the tech Line moving, PLEASE make sure you and your car are ready to be inspected
when you get in line: Tech form is signed, #’s are on the car, trunk and seats are empty,
suction cup devices are tethered and helmet is ready for inspection.
If you arrive at Tech and you are not ready, you will be sent to the back of the line
Thanks for your help making the line move smoothly