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Special Announcements and Activities

NCR will not be accepting 2000 Snell designated helmets any longer. Your helmet must carry
2005 or 2010 designation. We prefer SA helmets but will accept K and M designations as well.
We will have a few loaner helmets available if you do not have a 2005 or 2010 helmet. If you
are not sure, look up under the helmet lining and you will find a certification sticker.

Information from National: Any device secured by a suction cup must be tethered. This
would include video cameras, gps / track devices. If the suction cup should let go, the tether
must control the item from falling into the interior of the car. This is new for all of us so please
make sure your devices are secured BEFORE going through the Tech Line.
Porsche has issued a recall notice regarding wheel center locks for later model vehicles
(Carrera GT’s excepted). If you own a vehicle that is impacted by the recall, you must provide
a letter from an authorized Porsche dealer on their letterhead certifying that the recall has been
completed on your car. The letter must include your car’s VIN #.
You must present the letter along with your Tech Form in the morning.

Pig Roast
Our track dinner will be held on Tuesday 11 October at the Loudon Country Club. Make sure
you arrive by 6:30 so you can start your evening with shrimp hor d'ouvres and spend some
time with friends (old and new) reminiscing about the day and planning for tomorrow. Dinner
will be served at 7:30. Make sure you sign up and select from one of 3 entries: Pig Roast,
BBQ’d Chicken or Steak Tips by 04 October as we will not be able to take any additional
reservations the day of the event.
Don't miss out on what is going to be a spectacular dinner.

NCR 2011 Shirts
Limited Addition Henley style shirts !!! NEW DESIGN for 2011 !!! All net proceeds go to Make
A Wish Foundation. Please help support our effort and at the same time add to your selection
of track shirts.

Filming and Posting DE Incidents
The National DE Committee requests that filming and subsequent posting to the Internet of
any incident filmed at a PCA DE event be discouraged. Your NCR DE Team supports this
request and asks that you use your discretion and not post any incident filmed at an NCR
sponsored DE event to the Internet or other public forum.