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Drivers Education
New Hampshire Motor Speedway

11 & 12 October 2011

Important Notice
When parking for registration at NHMS, Make sure you leave the fire lane open.
Do not park right in front of the building. Use one of the lanes to the right.
They will not let you sign in if you are blocking the fire lane.

Latest information available at:

Instructor assignments, garage assignments and car number assignments will be
available no later than October 5th on the website.

Please print the information you need and bring it with you to the event. Limited copies
will be available at the track.

Plenty of lodging is available in the vicinity of NHMS. Concord is located south of the
track has many hotels. Several options exist north of the track in the Lakes Region. Visit for a list of hotels in the area.

The Smoke House restaurant located in the main paddock area will be open for breakfast and
lunch. Please note that the Smoke House is the exclusive provider of all food and beverage
services at the track. NCR is not allowed to bring or allow others to bring into the facility any
food or beverage unless obtained from the caterer. Please see the menu for all items and
specials available at the Smoke House Restaurant.

Please obey the posted speed limits on all public roads. We wish to retain our good reputation
with the track and local authorities. please limit your fast driving to the track.

NHMS is located in Loudon, NH on Rt.106, approximately 10 miles north of Concord, NH.
From the south, take I-93 to exit 15E (I-393). Take Exit #3. Turn onto Rt. 106 North. NHIS
will be 10 miles north on the right. From the North, take I-93 to the Tilton Exit #20 to Rt.
140 through Belmont to Rt. 106 South. Follow Rt. 106 South to the Speedway which is
approximately 8 miles.

Special Announcements and Activities

NCR will not be accepting 2000 Snell designated helmets any longer. Your helmet must carry
2005 or 2010 designation. We prefer SA helmets but will accept K and M designations as well.
We will have a few loaner helmets available if you do not have a 2005 or 2010 helmet. If you
are not sure, look up under the helmet lining and you will find a certification sticker.

Information from National: Any device secured by a suction cup must be tethered. This
would include video cameras, gps / track devices. If the suction cup should let go, the tether
must control the item from falling into the interior of the car. This is new for all of us so please
make sure your devices are secured BEFORE going through the Tech Line.
Porsche has issued a recall notice regarding wheel center locks for later model vehicles
(Carrera GT’s excepted). If you own a vehicle that is impacted by the recall, you must provide
a letter from an authorized Porsche dealer on their letterhead certifying that the recall has been
completed on your car. The letter must include your car’s VIN #.
You must present the letter along with your Tech Form in the morning.

Pig Roast
Our track dinner will be held on Tuesday 11 October at the Loudon Country Club. Make sure
you arrive by 6:30 so you can start your evening with shrimp hor d'ouvres and spend some
time with friends (old and new) reminiscing about the day and planning for tomorrow. Dinner
will be served at 7:30. Make sure you sign up and select from one of 3 entries: Pig Roast,
BBQ’d Chicken or Steak Tips by 04 October as we will not be able to take any additional
reservations the day of the event.
Don't miss out on what is going to be a spectacular dinner.

NCR 2011 Shirts
Limited Addition Henley style shirts !!! NEW DESIGN for 2011 !!! All net proceeds go to Make
A Wish Foundation. Please help support our effort and at the same time add to your selection
of track shirts.

Filming and Posting DE Incidents
The National DE Committee requests that filming and subsequent posting to the Internet of
any incident filmed at a PCA DE event be discouraged. Your NCR DE Team supports this
request and asks that you use your discretion and not post any incident filmed at an NCR
sponsored DE event to the Internet or other public forum.

Pre- Event Preparation

A tech inspection form must be completed before your arrival at the track within two (2) weeks
prior to the event. You will be required to present this form during the morning on-site
Tech Inspection.
North Country Region recommends the tech inspectors listed on our website at www.ncrpca.
org/drivers-ed or any Northeast Region approved inspector on their website at http:// .
Participants from other regions may use their own regionally approved inspection facilities,
using a North Country Region tech sheet.
Tech inspection forms must bear the signature or stamp of an approved NCR, NER or out of
region inspector, NO EXCEPTIONS.
Porsche has issued a recall notice regarding wheel center locks for later model vehicles
If you own a vehicle that is impacted by the recall, you must provide a letter from an authorized
Porsche dealer on their letterhead certifying that the recall has been completed on your car.
You must present the letter along with your Tech Form in the morning.
Open exhausts are not permitted. Owners of modified cars should have silencers and be
below the allowed maximum noise level of 99 db.
To keep the tech Line moving, PLEASE make sure you and your car are ready to be inspected
when you get in line: Tech form is signed, #’s are on the car, trunk and seats are empty,
suction cup devices are tethered and helmet is ready for inspection.
If you arrive at Tech and you are not ready, you will be sent to the back of the line
Thanks for your help making the line move smoothly

1. SNELL 2005 (M, K or SA) or newer helmets are mandatory.
2. Fire extinguishers must be ABC or BC rated, at least 2.5 LB capacity and mounted
metal to metal within the driver's reach. Note that Newcomers attending their first
event have a one-time exemption from this requirement.
3. Open Car Roll Bar Ruling (996/997 Cabriolet & Boxster excluded): all open cars must
have roll bars. In addition, it is recommended that roll bars be padded in any area that
may come in contact with the occupant(s)’ helmet.
4. Open cars must have adequate roll bars (see above) and tops must be closed and
latched. Saratoga tops are not permitted and sunroofs must be closed and latched when
you are on the track. Occupants in open cars must wear arm restraints.
5. Spyders must run with their roof up and limit their speed to not more than 120 mph
6. Imitation Fuchs alloys are banned at events within Zone 1.
7. Similar restraint systems must be utilized for both driver and passenger.
8. Only an instructor or their student may be a passenger in a car.
9. Items mounted to a surface with a suction cup must be tethered to a fixed object. This
applies to in car timers, GPS devices and cameras.
Please read the DE Regulations and Changes on our website at
In particular, note the following:
R-Compound Tires in Green and Yellow run groups:
Will not be allowed unless the car is OEM fitted or is a co-driven car where the primary
driver is in an advanced run group, or an instructor. Any exceptions must be approved by
the Chief Instructor
Restraint Systems: We will strictly be enforcing PCA guidelines for restraint systems.
In summary, the rule mandates that if you have harnesses, you must have a seat that
comes from the manufacturer with the capability to, at the very least, accept the shoulder
harness and the sub belt. You cannot modify any seat to accommodate either the shoulder
harness or the sub-belt. The seat does not have to have holes in the bolsters for the lap
belts. The seat back can be hinged. The seat back must have an integrated headrest.
Harnesses must be either FIA or SFI approved. If the harness is more than five years
old, it must be replaced. Remember that dating systems are different for FIA and SFI.
SFI harnesses must be replaced five years from the date of manufacture. FIA harnesses
expire on December 31 of the expiration year noted on the harnesses. Harnesses must be
secured to either a roll bar or an approved harness truss such as the Brey Kraus unit. You
don't have to have a roll bar, but it is recommended. You still must have equal restraints for
both seats.

Day of the Event Preparation
1. START TIME: The track will be hot at 9:00am so get there early! On-site registration
will open at 7:00 AM and the gates will be opened at 7:30 AM. Registration closes at 8:00
AM and it is recommended you arrive at the track by 7:15 AM and be prepared to stay until
completion of the day's activities.
2. TRACK ENTRY: Please stop at the registration building adjacent to the main pit entrance
to the track. When you arrive at the track you will be required to sign a PCA INSURANCE
LIABILITY RELEASE (Waiver) form and a NHMS track waiver form.
You will need your PCA card and drivers license
Keep your signed pre-tech inspection form until you go through the tech line.
Please proceed to the paddock and prepare for tech inspection.
3. CAR NUMBERS: Your assigned car number must be displayed on both sides of your car in
numbers at least 4" tall.
4. TECH INSPECTION: A final tech inspection of your car will be performed at the track and
must be completed before your car is permitted to run (all days). The tech line will be open
from 7:45 AM (or as soon as we can get set up) to 8:10 AM. If you arrive late, you will likely
miss the entire morning sessions and your car will be inspected at the convenience of the tech
5. CAR PREPARATION: Car numbers must be affixed. Remove loose objects and hub caps
before entering the tech line. The following items must be removed prior to tech inspection and
will not be allowed on track: Radar detector, cellular phone, and G-Analyst.
6. DRIVER MEETING: ALL participants must attend the drivers meeting. Refer to the daily
schedule for start times.
7. WORKER ASSIGNMENTS: Based on your feedback, NCR is working to minimize the
number of participants that are asked to work during our NHMS events. If you are asked to
work, please report to your assignment at the designated time. Worker assignments will also
be posted in the control area.
8. INSTRUCTORS: Driver education procedures require that an instructor be permitted to
drive the student's car in those run groups that need instruction. If you are driving with an
instructor, you must be comfortable with the instructor's driving and teaching techniques. If you
are not comfortable with your instructor, you may request that another be assigned to you.
9. PASSENGERS: Passengers are not permitted in any car at any time except for instructors,
or a student in an instructor's car.
10. CLOTHING: Appropriate clothing must be worn for driving. (long sleeve shirts and long
pants). No shorts or short sleeve shirts will be permitted. Slacks should not interfere
with foot movement. Protective driving gloves are recommended. Suitable shoes, such as
sneakers, should be worn. No sandals, wedges, high heels nor loose shoes will be allowed.
100% cotton or Nomex materials are recommended.

11. STAGING: The staging area is located on Pit Lane. Staging is to the right side next to the
front straight wall. Use your time in staging to make final adjustments to helmets, seats, seat
belts and mirrors
12. RUN GROUPS: Participants are placed in run groups on the basis of their driving
experience. If you have any questions about your assignment, please raise them at the chief
13. TWO SPIN RULE: Any driver who leaves the track, spins or is not in control of his / her car
will be black flagged and must return to the pit lane.
If you receive two black flags during the event, you will be ejected.
14. ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT: Anyone deemed to be unsafe and discourteous will be ejected
from the event. Safety is our primary concern throughout the course of the event. This is NOT
a time event and it is NOT practice for racing.
15. ALCOHOL AND DRUGS: No alcoholic beverages may be consumed by any person
during the driving schedule (7.00 AM to 5:00 PM). The use of drugs is strictly prohibited.
16. RISK OF DAMAGE: Participants assume all risk of damage to their cars and to the track
facilities during the event.
17. VOLUNTEERS: This is a volunteer event and your DE Team thanks you for your
participation and support during the event.


____ PCA membership card
____ Driver's license
____ Completed Tech Form
____ Car Numbers (or a means of applying car numbers such as tape or shoe white)
____ Course map

____ Umbrella
____ Plastic tarp (or bags to contain your stuff including floor mats and any loose items)
____ Tire pressure gauge
____ Air compressor
____ Rain gear
____ Sunglasses
____ Warm clothing (you never know in New England)
____ Spare brake pads if yours are less than ½ their original thickness
____ Spare oil

Bring or Buy:
____ Water
____ Sandwiches or Snacks (buy at the Checkered Flag Restaurant)
____ Water (can't get enough!)
____ Sun Screen
____ Insect Repellent (you are in New England)

B E S A F E & H A V E F U N ! ! ! !


Mark Watson
North Country Region - PCA
Drivers Education Chair