1. If the official NCR PCA technical inspection form has not been completed by an accepted inspection facility you will not be able to participate unless prior authorization from our tech line chief has been granted. Out of region participants may use a shop in their region but the NCR PCA tech form must be used and the shop must stamp and sign the form.
  2. It might be possible to get an official technical inspection at the track by one of the accepted attending service facilities but must be arranged for in advance.
  3. Rent a race car organizations can inspect their own vehicles if they have been approved by NCR region.
  4. Rent a car organizations are required to pass all their cars through the standard morning tech line. All numbers must be correct, paper work and vehicle must be in order.
  5. Failure to process any vehicle through the standard morning teck line during the announced tech line time slot on the schedule will be done by the chief of tech or any other qualified NCR official when convenient. A  fee of $25.00 cash per vehicle will be assessed before a tech sticker is issued. Collected fees will be donated by NCR to Make a Wish.