The March Northlander has a great article by Stephen DiCato where he shares his experiences starting HPDE. It's a great overview of what should be considered when getting started with your on track activities.  While reading the article, I recalled how I came to the decision to start down the HPDE path.

I've always been interested in motorsports and have owned sports or sporty cars. In early 2003, I had two life events (corporate downsizing and a parent death). I was watching Boston Channel 2 and during a fund raiser and they ran the documentary Lime Rock Park: The Secret Valley of Racing.  While watching it, I thought "What am I waiting for?"  I'm beginning my third decade of participating in motorsports events and my one reget is not asking myself that question earlier.

The club is starting our 2023 HPDE season at Lime Rock Park next month. It's a great track to begin your adventure. As an added incentive, a season pass to the Autocross events will be given to a novice driver via a helmet drawing at the Monday drivers meeting. Thank you Paul Tallo and Dan Quaroni! 

If you want to see what goes on at an HPDE event this video is an excellent introduction to PCA HPDE. For additional information attend the HPDE Ground School later this month.  

Watch this space for additional guidance and resources on how you can get started with HPDE. If you have any questions or want to share how you got started, contact us.