We're at full throttle for the planning activities for NCR's Club Motorsports July event.

As you would expect given the current global pandemic, it's a little more complicated than our past events. He is the list of what you need to know to date:
  1. Our Tech Form has been updated for 2020. All participants must have the form completed by a PCA Approved Tech Inspector before the event. The updated form can be downloaded from here. The NCR approved Tech Inspector list is here. For participants from other regions check your region's website for your approved list.
  2. There will be three waivers that must be completed by everyone that attends the event. We are working with MotorsportsReg.com to make this as easy as possible for you. We will have an update after the Fourth of July weekend.
  3. Guests will be limited to individuals that are cohabitants of the participants and are not minors.
We will send another update the first full week in July.  Download the tech form and schedule your inspection now - in three weeks we will be on track!