How to register

The coordination of the 3 regions’ schedules means registration may be a little more complicated than you are used to. Unfortunately, we are not yet sophisticated enough to have shared data across all three clubs (although we are working on it for 2009) and so you will need to register yourself both as a driver and for specific events through the host regions website


On the event calendar you will notice the Host club identified. Although all three clubs will be working together to coordinate the actual event days, it is the host club that is responsible for setting rules, policies, and pricing, and coordinating registration . The host club’s individual website will be the only point of registration for the events they are hosting. This means, for example, for the April 30th event at New Hampshire you must go to NCR’s  (the host’s) website to register. For the May 21st event you must go to NER’s website, etc..


Each club may also require you establish your credentials as a driver, and give details of your car before you are able to register for any unique event. In all cases this should be a one-time affair.  After you have provided your details to each club, you will be able to log in and will be automatically remembered.


At the bottom of this page you will find contact details and web addresses for each of the three regions. If you have any issues with registering either yourself as a driver or for any particular event please do not hesitate to contact any of us. As a general rule, it should be as simple as going to the host region’s web site, finding the menu item for Driver Education and then following the link to registration.


When to register

In almost all cases registration for all participants to all events registration opens on March 1st 2008. The exceptions are the UCR hosted events at Calabogie and Mosport. In the case of these two events, Instructors and “signed off” solo drivers can register after February 1st. Novice and Yellow students cannot register for Calabogie until May 16th and for Mosport until July 26th.

 As a general word of warning, be aware that all three clubs award entry on a first-come, first-serve basis. This year (as a result of the coordinated calendar) there will be much greater demand for most events; we fully expect that most will be sold out very early. Although you cannot register before the registration opening day we strongly suggest you register as early as possible to avoid disappointment. 

Other important information about registration

All three host clubs have differing policies on registration closing dates, payment, cancellation, refunds and notification. Please familiarize yourself by reading the host club’s policies as found on their individual website. Do not assume that rules you are used to with your home region will be the same with other regions.


Contact Information: 

Northeast Region (NER)          


Registrar                                             Mark Keefe     508-529-6127     

Track Chair                                         Laurie Jitts        617-536-7846  



North Country Region(NCR)    


Track Chair                                        Mark Watson        603-854-0643               

Registrar                                            John Lussier      802-728-4457   




Upper Canada Region (UCR)    


Registrar                                             Rose & Markus Blazak             

Track Chair                                         Martin Tekela