North Country usually puts on one or more Car Shows a year. While there may sometimes be judged classes, our shows are more often low key People's Choice gatherings where we can all enjoy the cars and camaraderie without the stress of heavy competition.
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2018 NCR Make A Wish NH Car Show Results

ENTRANT                       CAR                                   CLUB                  PLACE 

Harry Robinson Award (Chosen by our Sponsor – Porsche of Stratham)

Jeff Sullivan                    1986 911 Targa                 NCR                 

People’s Choice

Dan & Jean Witmer      1989 Autocraft Cobra

                                                   Mk IV, Blue                       NCR

CLASS: 1960’s Porsches                                                                                                     

Jeff Clarke                     1962 356 B Cabriolet       CVR                   1st

Peter Rice                      1968 912                           NCR                 

CLASS: 1970’s Porsches

David McLaughlin         1970 914-6, Yellow                                    1st

Bob Kivela                     1978 930                           NCR                 

CLASS: 1980’s Porsches

Tony Parente                1984 911 3.2 Turbo Look                           1st

Doug Pomeroy              1986 930 Turbo                NCR                  2nd

Bill & Penny Meyer       1986 911 Targa,
Guards Red                       NCR                  3rd

Kevin Simmons             1983 911 SC Cabriolet      NCR                 

John Cavanagh             1986 911 Cabriolet           NCR                 

Jeff Sullivan                  1986 911 Targa                 NCR                 

CLASS: 1990’s Porsches

Hank & Ivy Cowles        1993 911 RS America,

                                      Guards Red                       NCR                  1st

Judy Hendrickson         1995 911 C2, Riviera Blue NCR                 

Dick Demaine               1990 944 S2 Cabriolet      NCR                 

CLASS: 2000’s Porsches

Chuck Rudinsky            2005 911 Carrera S           NCR                  1st

George Burnet              2006 911 C2S                    NCR                  2nd

Jeremy Keohane           2008 911 C2                      NER                  3rd

Bob Cairns                    2007 911 Turbo                NCR                 

Chris Ferreira                2008 911 C4S                                            

Jeremy Keohane           2002 911 C2                      NER                 

CLASS: 2010’s Porsches

Gary Smith                    2018 GT3                          NCR                  1st

Joe Byrne                      2011 Boxster Spyder        NCR                  2nd

Tom Greene                  2016 Cayman GT 4            NER                  3rd

Jeff Sullivan                  2016 Cayman GT4            NCR                 

David Doran                  2013 911 C4, Blue            NCR                 

Gene Lyras                    2013 911 CS                      NCR                 

CLASS: American

Stephen Allen               1963 Corvair, White         NCR                  1st

Dan & Jean Witmer      1989 Autocraft Cobra

                                      Mk IV, Blue                       NCR                  2nd

Dave Dion                     2006 Ford GT, Red            NCR                  3rd

Chris                              2016 Dodge Hellcat                                  

Victoria Dewitt              2013 Jeep Wrangler                                  

Ryan Paradis                 1974 Corvette Stingray,


Peter Hubbard              2018 Mustang GT                                     

Tony Legault                 1993 Honda Nighthawk                            

Rob Daigle                     2013 Jeep Wrangler                                  

Rene Van Oosten          2006 Pontiac Solstice                                

Chris Tucker                  2015 Scion TC RS 9.0         Seacoast

                                                                                Cars & Coffee  

Robert Niven                2017 Acura NSX, Blue                               

Scott Mitchell               2014 Jeep Wrangler                                  

Nick Smotle                  1984 Cadillac Fleetwood                          

CLASS: Italian

Chris                              2016 Lamborghini                                      1st

                                      Aventador SV                                            

CLASS: Other Than Porsche-German

Kristen Allen                 1963 VW Beetle, Red        NCR                  1st

Zane Melillo                  2009 Audi S5                                             

Crispin Grant                2013 Audi RS5