We have several changes for the 2007 season:
  • PCR rules. We are switching over to using the Parade Competition Rules (PCRs) with a few supplementary rules and exceptions to minimize the changes from last season. The most notable difference from the PCRs is the class structure.
  • New Class Structure. We have a whole new class structure designed to reduce the number of classes while providing fair competition. Our previous class structure separated four cylinder models from six cylinder models. The new classes mix these models but separates the classes based on performance potential. The new Class Chart can be found in the Autocross Rules.
  • Strict Stock Class. We are running the Strict Stock again this year for basically stock cars on street tires. This class will once again be an indexed class but based on the new class structure. An explanation of indexed classes and PAX factors can be found on the Pax Info page.
  • Improved Class. We are running a single Improved class as a PAX indexed class using the same Improved classes as the PCRs
  • Modified Class. We are also running a single Modified Class this year. This class will also be indexed using the PCR Modified Classes.
  • Novice Class. We added a Novice class. See the Novice Class Rules.
  • Two Timing Sessions. Instead of only counting your single best run out of 6-8 runs, we are counting the morning and afternoon runs as separate sessions and counting your best run from each session. Your score for the event is the sum of these two runs.