2007 NCR Autocross Registration

Registration on-site at each event is $35 for PCA members; $40 for non-members.

Advance registration online is only $30 for PCA members; $35 for non-members. You must register online to get the lower price but you can still pay at the event. We really want you to register online!  In return we ask that you let us know before the event if your plans change.

Benefits of Advance Registration:

  • saves you time on the morning of the event
  • saves you money.
  • helps us to run the events on schedule (so everyone gets more runs!). So please register in advance.




Online Registration is open in the NCR Event Registration Area.

After logging into the Event Registration Area:

  • Click on My Info and verify your personal and emergency contact information.
  • Click on My Cars and verify your car info and class for the car you intend to enter.
  • Click on Event Signup and register for the events you wish to enter.
  • At the end of the registration process, you will be given the option of paying by PayPal or by mailing us a check.




Need to know your car class? Refer to section IV in the 2007 Autocross Rules.

Need to choose a car number? These numbers are currently in use, and these are currently available. Autocross numbers are assigned by the Autocross Registrar .

Remember: Even if you register and pay in advance, you still need to check in at the registration tent to let us know that you are present. Everyone needs to bring their driver's license and all PCA members will need to show their PCA membership card.

About Autocross Numbers:

  • Your DE car number is not your Autocross car number. Autocross numbers are assigned by the Autocross Registrar .
  • Autocross numbers are 1-3 digits plus a one letter [A-Z] suffix. The 'A' suffix is implicit in a number without a suffix (i.e. '35' and '35A' are the same number).
  • An autocross number uniquely identifies a driver in a class for the entire season (e.g. '35' might identify Judy driving Chiquita in class M4).
  • A co-driver may use the same number with a second suffix (e.g. Matt driving Chiquita might be '35B').
  • A new co-driver at another event would use a new suffix (e.g. Jay might drive Chiquita with '35C').
  • If a driver enters a different class at another event, they must use a new number or a new suffix (e.g. if Judy might drive Jelly Bean in class S7 using '35D').
  • The number is 'owned' by the 'A' driver (e.g. Judy owns '35') as long as they participate in at least one NCR autocross each season.