2010 NCR Autocross Series Championship

For 2010, a six event series is planned. The PCA Zone 1 Autocross will count as points event #5. The Zone 1 Autocross will be a two-day event hosted by NCR at Devens on August 28-29, 2009.

The following rules are used to determine the Class Champions for the Autocross Series:

  1. PCA members from any region are eligible for the Autocross Series Class Championships.
  2. Championships are only awarded for the Porsche classes (except Novice).
  3. Points for each event are awarded as follows:
    1st place 9 points
    2nd place 6 points
    3rd place 4 points
    4th place 3 points
    5th place 2 points
    6th/lower 1 point
    DNS/DNF/DSQ no points
  4. Novices are awarded one point in their base class.
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  6. A "bumped" car receives points according to its finishing position in the class in which it ran, but those points are scored in the class from which the car was bumped.
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  8. If an event is cut short due to weather or other unavoidable circumstances, it counts as a points event towards the series championship only if all run groups complete at least three runs.
  9. To qualify for a series class championship, a driver must win points in that class in at least four points events and at least one first place finish in that class.
  10. One event is dropped from the point total of each driver so a driver's best five finishes in the six event series count toward the championship. This means that if a driver misses two events, one of those events will be counted as a zero in the point total for that driver.
  11. Season point tie breakers:
    1. Most First Place Finishes.
    2. Class size for First Place Finishes.
    3. Best dropped score.
    4. Lowest total score obtained by adding each driver's score for all events that both entrants earned points at (events missed by either entrant or dropped from either entrant's point total are not included).
  12. The decision of the Autocross Chair is final.

At the discretion of the autocross chair, an autocross “Rookie of the Year” and/or “Enthusiast of the Year” may also be awarded. Awards will be presented at the NCR Annual Banquet.