25th Annual PCA Zone One Autocross

by Joe Kraetsch, NCR Autocross Chair


NCR proudly hosted the Zone 1 Autocross on August 28-29 at Moore Airfield in Devens, MA.  This event is part of the NCR Championship Points Series.  Seventy-five Zone One members participated in this landmark event.  The weather both days was sunny and in the eighties.

We had an excellent course each day.  Saturday’s course was designed by NCR’s design team of Scruffy Lefebvre and Chris Darminio..  Rick Newman from NNJR and Rich Wayne from Metro NY designed Sunday’s course.  Both courses flowed nicely and were a lot of fun but still challenged even the best drivers.

NCR managed timing and scoring for the event and everything ran smoothly.  We completed 8 runs each day and were finished by mid-afternoon each day.  We had one major delay when a driver took out the finish lights and damaged our T-Link wireless unit. Fortunately, we have a spare unit that I reprogrammed to be the finish unit and we were only down for about 20 minutes.

NCR had only sixteen entrants but we all had podium finishes including eleven first place trophies plus the Ladies fastest time trophy.  Congratulations to the NCR trophy winners:

Driver Trophy Class
Christopher Carter 3rd Place S08M
Chris Darminio 1st Place P02M
Barb Jacques 1st Place P13L
Chris Jacques 2nd Place P13M
Susan Kelley 1st Place P11L
Joe Kraetsch 1st Place P03M
Stephen Lefebvre 4th Place I05M
Oliver Lucier 1st Place P13M
Gerard Mauvis 1st Place S07M
Jeremy Mazzariello 1st Place P14M
Lisa Roche 1st Place P03L
Jack Saunders 2nd Place P10M
Mark Schnoerr 1st Place I01M
Sigrid Schnoerr 1st Place I01L
Lana Tsurikova 1st Place I05L
Hank Wallace 2nd Place P11M


...and a special congratulations to Lana Tsurikova for winning the Ladies Fastest Time trophy.  The complete results are posted on the NCR website.

In addition to the individual trophies, there is the Region Challenge.  Each region submits a list of ten drivers for the region challenge and two alternate drivers in case a tie-breaker is needed.  Everyone, except the NCR team of course, expected that NNJR would easily walk away with the trophy this year.  Wait just a minute—NCR is up for this challenge!  For the first time ever, the challenge resulted in a tie.  NCR and NNJR each totaled 92 points.  However, with Jeremy’s first place finish, NCR won the tie-breaker to claim the championship!  Although all 16 of us were not on the list, all of us helped bring this trophy home by defeating challengers from other regions in our classes.  Congratulations to all the NCR drivers!