The Perfect Autocross

By Joe Kraetsch, NCR Autocross Chair

What a perfect event! The 33rd annual PCA Zone 1 Autocross was held at Moore Airfield in Ayer, Saturday and Sunday, September 15-16, 2018. NCR hosted the event for sixty-five PCA members from all over the Northeastern US. The turnout could have been a bit better but we had just enough people to run a very smooth event. We had absolutely no issues: The weather was perfect, we had no timing problems, there were no disruptive mechanical issues, the software ran fine and all reports worked the first time and we only had a handful of reruns.

Northeast Region had the most entries with twenty-five members entered in twelve different classes. Fourteen North Country Region members competed in ten different classes. The most distant entrant this year came all the way from the Niagara Region. However the folks traveling the farthest were our Zone Representative Mike Bryan, and his wife Pam who came all the way from Upper Canada Region to observe, enjoy and provide help and support for both days.

North Country made an impressive showing on the podium bringing home nine First Place trophies, three Second Places, two Third Places and nothing lower! On top of that, NCR’s Ollie Lucier grabbed the Men’s FTD (fastest time overall) trophy and our own Sue Fenwick (NCR Webmaster) brought home the Ladies FTD. In addition to the individual class competitions, Regions compete in the Region Challenge for bragging rights. North Country defended our Region Champion title, winning for the 7th time in the 13 years of the Challenge!

Congratulations to the class winners:

S01 - Showroom Stock 1 Robert Canter NER
S03 - Showroom Stock 3 Adam Blauer NER
S04 - Showroom Stock 4 Charlie Sayers NCR
S05 - Showroom Stock 5 Chris Doty NER
S06 - Showroom Stock 6 Chris Ryan NER
S07 - Showroom Stock 7 Jeff Johnson NER
S08 - Showroom Stock 8 William Riehl MNY
P02 - Production 2 Bill Aubin NER
P03 - Production 3 Adam Small NER
P04 - Production 4 Chris Hubert NCR
P05 - Production 5 Gareth Peters NCR
P06 - Production 6 Nigel Fenwick NCR
P07 - Production 7 Daniel Quaroni NCR
P08 - Production 8 Spencer Martin MNY
I01 - Improved 1 Joe Kraetsch NCR
I02 - Improved 2 Oliver Lucier NCR
M01 - Modified 1 John Mingst NCR
M02 - Modified 2 David Seavey NCR
Men's FTD Oliver Lucier NCR
Ladies FTD Sue Fenwick NCR


The complete results are posted on the NCR website.

 Thank you to:

  • Dan Fishkind, Zone 1 Autocross Chair, for organizing and managing the event;
  • Graham Mingst, Zone 1 Registrar for all his hard work and assistance;
  • Mike Bryan, Zone 1 Representative, for making the trip, helping, supporting and making us all feel appreciated;
  • Don and Barbara Coburn for arranging and cooking the Saturday Night Barbeque;
  • Chris Ryan for procuring the grill for the barbeque;
  • Justin Chen for setting the Saturday course;
  • Stephen Lefebvre and Ollie Lucier for setting the Sunday course;

…and to all the participants for their friendly competition, comradery and help and support to keep the event running so smoothly. Thank you all for making this the best Zone 1 Autocross ever!