Rev 2021.03.31

These protocols are in addition to the autocross rules and may be revised without notice. This revision replaces all previous revisions. Anyone who registers for an autocross event agrees to comply with all Massachusetts COVID-19 rules and the most current revision of these protocols. Anyone who does not comply will be directed to leave the event.

  1. General
    1. Self-screen at home. Anyone with an elevated temperature, symptoms, is sick, or has had contact with anyone who is sick within two weeks of the event may not attend. Stay home, notify us immediately and a full refund will be issued.  Anyone who is sick or shows symptoms at the event will be directed to leave.
    2. Social distancing of at least 6 feet must be maintained by everyone.
    3. Face masks covering their nose and mouth are required at all times except when driving on course without a passenger or working the course and distanced at least 20 feet from other workers.
    4. Registered drivers may only drive the car they are registered in.
    5. Car windows (driver and passenger side) must always be kept open while on course.
    6. Gates will open at 7:30 AM and be closed at 8:30 AM. No one admitted after gates closed.

  2. All participants are required to bring:
    1. A Snell type EA, M, K, or SA helmet with a Snell 2010 or later safety rating. No loaner helmets will be available.
    2. PPE (face mask, hand sanitizer, gloves, etc.) for personal use.

  3. Event Operations
    1. Check-in
      1. Required waivers must be executed online at prior to the event. There are two waivers to be signed: the standard Liability Waiver plus a Communicable Disease Waiver. Any registered person, volunteer or guest who has not executed both waivers will not be allowed to enter the site.
      2. Minors are not allowed except for Junior Participant Program participants meeting eligibility requirements and with the approval of the autocross chair.
      3. Upon arrival at the gate, hold up your driver’s license and smart phone confirmation of having signed the waivers for visual review.
      4. A sticker will be applied to your windshield indicating your car number, run group, and work assignment. You must review this sticker and comply with the assignments.
    2. Paddock
      1. Cars must park between the yellow arrows painted on the paddock pavement edges to be separated by at least 6 feet.
      2. Don’t park near porta-potties, dumpster, or equipment containers. The parking limit in that area will be marked with cones.
      3. Empty your car and prepare for the mandatory tech inspection.
    3. Technical inspection
      1. Tech inspection will occur at a drive-through station at the front of the paddock. As soon as you’ve unloaded your car and put your numbers on, drive to the tech line. Bring your helmets.
      2. Stay in your car, move up in line as the cars in front of you have been inspected, and wear a face mask until your car’s tech inspection has been completed.
      3. You will be required to show the tech inspectors your helmet rating and any other interior items they request to see.
    4. Driver meeting
      1. The mandatory driver meeting will be broadcast over the PA system near the timing tent. Masks and social distancing required. Alternately, you may listen via FM radio on channel 89.5 if you have reception.
    5. Course walk
      1. Face masks and social distancing are required during all course walks.
    6. Timing
      1. Only persons assigned to timing tent duties may be near the timing tent.
    7. Work
      1. Work assignments for each person will be on the sticker applied to each car at the gate.
      2. Course workers do not need to wear masks once they have arrived at their station and are distanced a minimum of 20 ft from other course workers.
      3. Each corner captain is required to pick up the radio and flag from the disinfecting table near the timing tent on the way out to the course and must return the radio and flag at the end of each heat to be disinfected for the next group.
      4. It’s recommended that course workers use gloves when handling cones; cones will not be sanitized.
      5. Workers will be asked to stack cones at the end of the event, but on an individual basis only, with no stack building between persons encouraged. Cones should be put in tall stacks (minimum of 10 cones) at the center of the runway or taxiway.
    8. Award ceremony
      1. Masks and social distancing are required
    9. Equipment set-up and removal
      1. Only staff assigned to setup and teardown are allowed to handle equipment
      2. Wear gloves
      3. Disinfect equipment after setup and before each heat.

  4. Local Health Authority contact information:
    1. MA Department of Public Health, telephone number 617-624-6000
    2. Ayer Board of Public Health, telephone number 978-772-8213