Northeast Region Driver's Education Event Download as iCal file
From Tuesday, August 13, 2019 -  08:00am
To Thursday, August 15, 2019 - 05:00pm
Open to all drivers   - limited to 65 drivers;
Open to all car types   (NER DEs always allow non-Porsche drivers)
All PCA Driver Education requirements are in effect  .
Venue and Overview  . This event will have in attendance up to three Professional Coaches for the duration of the event. They have been hand selected by   Lee Carpentier   (Lee's info can be found here:   Site 1  &  Site 2  ) and members of the NER DE Team to specifically work with attending Solo drivers and PCA Instructors;
Before the event  , all Solo Students will be required to set personal goals for the three day event and share those with the Pro Coaches and lead NER Instructors. In that way, we can assimilate your goals with a series of personalized in-car sessions. Too, all solo students will have a series of things to accomplish before even arriving at the track;
During the event   - there will be four 30 minute "Instructed Sessions" each day where both Instructed students and solo students (with a pro coach or NER Instructor) will share the track and can work on various aspects of both the track and driver training. These sessions will be run at typical Yellow Run Group pace, and affords Solo drivers a slower paced opportunity to work on a one-on-one basis with someone in the "right seat";
The remaining track time during the day will be "Open Track" where Solo students can be paired with the Pro Coach or Instructor at their own driving pace - or of course, drive solo to work on their own goals. There will be at least fours hours of "Open Track" per day;
There will be a mandatory classroom each day during lunch (which I'm working on to be locally catered?!). These classes will be taught by the attending Pro Coaches and NER Instructors;
There will be a mandatory classroom & debrief when the track goes cold at the end of the first two days (liquid refreshments will be served). These sessions are designed to wrap up the days events and set goals for the following day;
During certain times, we will be holding a series of "  On Track" driver exercises including passing skills, braking exercises, trail braking, corner entry and exit speed drills, etc.
During the event, we will also have corner "spotters" working at various times. They will share their observations both personally and in the general classrooms.
Interested  ? You can register here:  Registration is open -please join us by clicking here!  or simply "  Reply  " to this e-mail if you have additional questions.

Location Calabogie Motorsports
462 Wilson Farm Road