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Sunday, May 19, 2019    

2018 NCR Rally Gathering

Starting in Bedford (just West of Manchester), we will complete a clockwise loop that explores some of the very beautiful hills and valleys of Western New Hampshire.  The route has been designed to provide an enjoyable Porsche experience and is guaranteed to keep your navigator alert to its twists and turns.  The entire route is about 130 miles in length with rest stops before and after lunch.  Lunch itself will be just over the border in Bellows Falls, VT at the very popular Popolo restaurant.

A walk of about 0.2 miles from Popolo restaurant east along Bridge St brings one to the Vilas Bridge (closed to vehicle traffic) where one can overlook The Bellows Falls Petroglyph Site.  This Site (designated Site VT-WD-8) is an archaeological site containing panels of precontact Native American petroglyphs.  Located on bedrock west of and above the Connecticut River, they depict a rarely-seen assemblage of anthropomorphic figures that is believed to be unique in New England, and uncommon even in surrounding geographic areas.  The site was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990.  It has been suggested the Abenaki created the carvings.  If the Abenaki were indeed responsible, the westward orientation of the carvings may hint at their meaning.  In Abenaki folklore, a dead person’s soul travels westward when it leaves the body.  The faces may have been way markers, pointing the way to the afterlife.  Adding to this theory, an Abenaki burial ground was found not too far from the site.  Some say no one really knows.

The petroglyphs are located on the Vermont side of the Vilas bridge.  Standing on the Vermont side at the end of the bridge, look over the south railing.  The petroglyphs are located directly downward by the water's edge (look for yellow paint markers). Binoculars are recommended as the petroglyphs are difficult to see clearly from the bridge overlook.  It is difficult and potentially dangerous to descend to the site.  [Sources:;]  Further information, perhaps more authoritative, along with photos can be found at Iroquois Beadwork Blog and Obscure Vermont.

Starting Location:
Hannaford Supermarket Parking Lot
4 Jenkins Rd
Bedford, NH 03110

Schedule for May 19, 2019
& Waivers (Mandatory):  8:30 AM
Drivers Meeting (Mandatory):  9:00 AM
Departure:  9:30 AM

Advance Registration Required.   No On-Site Registration.   Capacity Limits Apply.

Send waitlist requests to

Location Hannaford Supermarket
4 Jenkins Rd