In May of 1998, an e-mail list server came on-line in the new and quickly evolving Internet. Focused on only Porsche Owners, this site was born PorscheList and during it's first month of operation had a worldwide subscriber base of nearly 10,000 enthusiasts and Porsche owners after only four short weeks. During 1999, after months of negotiation with Porsche A.G. - this site was renamed "Rennlist" and through today still, is the predominant and largest community for Porsche owners & enthusiasts worldwide with nearly 190,000 Users, Members, Site Sponsors, and affiliates comprising over 13,000,000 posted messages and nearly 1,000,0000 individual threads spanning a variety of technical and non-technical topics - which doesn't even include the early e-mail lists, which enjoyed a subscription base of 80,000 folks and a message archive of nearly 900,000 posts.

The creator of the site in 1998, John Dunkle 20120920 PCA LRP D7K 5067will share his original vision of the community, its evolution and provide glimpses of personal stories and challenges during his short and informal presentation at the North Country Region's Annual Banquet. Some of the anecdotes will be entertaining, while others will explore the role of the community during difficult times and events. So, feel free to bring your questions, enthusiasm - and don't leave your sense of humor behind, either!