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40 Years of fun!

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Rally #2 - Weekend Away to Saratoga Springs & Battlefield

NCR Autocross Staff

Autocross Chairs Joe Kraetsch
Ollie Lucier
Administration Joe Kraetsch
Lisa Roche
Registrar: Jeremy Mazzariello
Chief Instructor Ollie Lucier
Novice Captain: Ed Moschella
Sound: Akira Mochimaru
Timing & Scoring Jeremy Mazzariello
Lisa Roche
Course Design Chris Darminio
Waivers & Onsite Checkin
Nigel Fenwick
Sue Fenwick
Grid Captain Athena DeGangi
Results Joe Kraetsch
Safety: Rob MacAlpine
Classification &
Protest Committee
Joe Kraetsch
Ollie Lucier
Jeremy Mazzariello