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Anatomy of a Corner

Anatomy of a Corner


The diagram above shows the ideal line for the curve. The basic parts of the turn are lift, brake, off-brake, turn-in, neutral throttle, apex, acceleration and track out. Picking the pieces apart; the red line shows the braking zone, find your spot to start braking and brake decisively (downshifting if necessary), in the purple zone get off the brake and gently back on the throttle and turn in at the appropriate point. A slightly late turn-in is safer than early.

The light blue line indicates a late turn in which requires a much slower entry speed to negotiate the corner, note the sharp angle of turn in. The green zone is the balance zone or neutral zone. You should get back on the throttle at this point and squeeze on the power slowly as you pass the apex. Where you pass the apex is crucial, the best practice is to be very accurate and consistent. Again, a late apex is safer than an early apex. Note the yellow path, this indicates an early apex and shows where your car could end up, out of pavement on the exit, not the most desirable place on the track.

Continue through the corner, applying more power and tracking out to use the entire track surface. Now you can setup for the next corner and start the process again. Your instructor will show you the proper line for each corner. Remember that the car will go where your eyes are looking, it is important to “look through the corner” and think ahead. Driving the track is not just a series of corners to be negotiated one at a time, but a smooth and rhythmical “line” throughout.

There are many many places the club can use your help. If you have an interest in helping the club continue the great events for you, please consider contributing your time and expertise.

Jeff Torrey and I will serve as the 2019 nominating committee and our task is to find and interview qualified candidates for the elected offices of NCR: Vice President and Secretary.  The only qualifications for office are that you must be a member in good standing with PCA / NCR and you must have a strong desire to help shape the future of the club.

We will also accept any names you might have for the various committees that are vital to the Club.  These are appointed positions so we will pass the names to the President for further consideration.

Please contact Ivy 603-767-6461 if you are interested in serving or nominating someone for one of the elected positions or if you have a suggestion for any Board position or Committee Chair.

Nominee Statements and Ballots will be circulated to the membership for final voting in October.  Election results will be announced at the Annual Meeting / Banquet in November.

Thank you for your ongoing support and participation in this important process.  

Ivy Cowles – NCR Nominating Committee Chair