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PorscheNAracing Checkered flag on warm up. Time for one last practice... #Sebring12 #Porsche #911RSR pic.twitter.com/3pmMiRov6H
08:24AM Mar 17
FlatSixes Just arrived to find a nice package waiting from our friends @michelinusa thanks to… www.instagram.com/p/BgXIKGxl054/
06:55PM Mar 15
Porsche I am very sorry to hear about the lack of communication. Please feel free to DM me your contact information. I will forward it to the appropriates parties so that someone may reach out to you. #PorscheCares - CN
04:51PM Mar 09
How many events do you plan on attending this year?
Between 5 and 10                37.14%
Less than 5                     32.86%
Between 11 and 15               21.43%
More than 15                     8.57%
0                                0%
What is your primary source for event information?
NCR-PCA.ORG                     64.18%
Northlander                     34.33%
Panorama                         1.49%
National calendar                0%
Which events are you most likely to attend?
Driver Education                33.33%
Autocross                       19.7%
Annual Banquet                  10.61%
Car Show                        10.61%
Social                           9.09%
Tech Session                     9.09%
Rally                            7.58%
Which one of the following limits you ability to attend events?
Event dates                     56.45%
Travel Distance                 29.03%
Cost to attend                  14.52%
Do you use RSS to subscribe to the web site articles or calendar events?
No                              86.36%
Yes                             13.64%
Do you follow any Twitter accounts?
No                              87.14%
Yes                             12.86%
Do you have a Facebook account?
No                              52.94%
Yes                             47.06%