The Board of Directors must replace our Membership Chair. The individual volunteering for this appointed position should expect to spend an hour per week to fulfill their responsibilities.

Contact Jeff to answer your questions.

Process new membership applications, including the mailing of application forms to prospective new members, signing official applications received and forwarding to the National PCA Office, and sending a copy of Region bylaws and Region logo to all new members.

Process membership information and data on new members, dropped members and transfers as follows:

  • Additions, changes and drops sent to the Region data processing chair by the selected day of the month.
  • Additions and deletions are sent to the newsletter editor or distribution manager by the selected day of each month.
  • All changes recorded on the Membership Chair and President’s card files.

Ensure all Region members are enrolled in “eMailer” program. Record members’ renewal dates and drop members who have not renewed after a two-month grace period. Coordinate notices to renewing members with eMailer program.

Prepare a monthly report on monies due from National for new members and member renewals. Send a copy to the Region President.Maintain a running account of membership gains and losses and report monthly at the Region Board meeting. Maintain file copies of all membership data and reports. On a monthly basis, service PCA Information Boards located at various shops in the area, replenishing membership forms and posting the calendar of events.

Additional details and descriptions can be found in the 2017 Region Procedures Manual.