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PorscheNAracing Checkered flag on warm up. Time for one last practice... #Sebring12 #Porsche #911RSR pic.twitter.com/3pmMiRov6H
08:24AM Mar 17
FlatSixes Just arrived to find a nice package waiting from our friends @michelinusa thanks to… www.instagram.com/p/BgXIKGxl054/
06:55PM Mar 15
Porsche I am very sorry to hear about the lack of communication. Please feel free to DM me your contact information. I will forward it to the appropriates parties so that someone may reach out to you. #PorscheCares - CN
04:51PM Mar 09

Are you a member of Porsche Club North Country Region?

Yes 91
No 23
What is the primary benefit from your PCA membership?
Attend PCA Parade 0
Attend North Country Banquet 0
Receive Panorama and Northlander 18
Attend Driving Events 48
Attend Social Events 14
Attend Technical Sessions 2
Receive PCA Dealer Discount 0
Other 9
How long have you been a PCA member?
Less than a year 12
One to three years 15
Four to ten years 26
More than 10 years 38
Which type Porsche do you drive?
Two door 83
Four door 0
Both 8
How many events did you attend last year?
Less than five 81
Five to ten 28
Eleven to fifteen 4
More than fifteen 1
How many events do you plan to attend this year?
Less than five 63
Five to ten 41
Eleven to fifteen 9
More than fifteen 1
Which events are you most likely to attend this year?
Annual Banquet 16
Autocross 34
Car Show 41
Car Control Clinic 14
Cars and Coffee 28
Drivers Education 63
Ice Cream Run 22
Rally 28
Social 26
Tech Session 31
Other 7
What is your primary source for event information?
Panorama 8
FaceBook 7
Northlander 42
PCA National Calendar 2
Which of the following limits your ability to attend events?
Calendar Date 31
Cost 11
Day of Week 20
Family Obligations 35
Travel Distance 28
Work Schedule 36
Other 11
Which events should be offered more?
Autocross 10
Cars and Coffee 28
Car Control Clinic 16
Car Shows 18
Drivers Education 40
Ice Cream Run 12
Rally 22
Social 17
Tech Session 25
Other 8
Are you willing to help out at an event?
Yes 85
No 29