40 Years of fun!

LOGO 40 Trans

Okay, here's the scoop (and the pun is entirely intentional)...

The next NCR Ice Cream Run is Sunday, July 18

Please RSVP to Deb Gratton (dgratt@aol.com)

Again, we'll meet at Porsche of Stratham for a little socialization and the usual preliminaries before a group drive ("follow-the-leader" style so you won't get lost) on some less-travelled roads to another of NH's great ice cream spots, Memories, in Kingston, NH.  We'll be departing POS at around 2:00, so plan accordingly.  This I. C. Run could be a good post-lunch dessert, and it's early enough in the day that it won't "spoil" your Sunday dinner, so come on over and join the fun.